Storage Robot From Drobo

Storage Robot From Drobo


Most of your customers probably fall into one of two categories – those that have lost images due to a hard drive crash and those that will. If you’re not discussing how to properly store images with your customers, you should be.

Perhaps a new solution in this area from Data Robotics called the Drobo Storage Robot should be part of that conversation. The Drobo FireWire 800 / Hi-Speed USB External Storage Robot from Data Robotics is a great solution for both primary and backup storage of large media. It offers FireWire 800, Hi-Speed USB external interface which offers amazing data transfer speeds. Additionally, the device can supports up to 16 TB storage capacity and is compatible with Serial ATA-300 drives.

The Drobo Storage Robot plugs into your Mac, PC or Linux system for redundant data protection without the complexities of RAID. The user can expand storage any time as Drobo holds up to 16TB in four drive bays using any combination of 3.5” SATA drives.

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