New Microdisplays from Displaytech

New Microdisplays from Displaytech


Displaytech Inc. recently announced the development of the LightView VGA, WVGA and SVGA (LV-VGA, LV-WVGA, LV-SVGA) microdisplays. According to Displaytech, the new compact, single-panel microdisplays, “Enable consumer electronics companies to deliver products with unsurpassed image quality and power efficiency while reducing manufacturing costs and accelerating time-to-market.” The company added that the new technology will enable new, high-quality consumer electronics products including micro-projectors, head mounted displays and mobile communications devices.

The new microdisplays take advantage of the unique properties of the company’s FLCOS technology, which combines patented advances in the use of ferroelectric materials with a proprietary, very large scale integration (VLSI) semiconductor. The new technology, the company tells us, delivers full-color video images that are free of motion smearing.  In addition, the microdisplays incorporate the display panel and control circuitry into a single, compact package, allowing for increased product design flexibility and lower power consumption.

“The new microdisplays are designed for new markets and emerging opportunities. They will help user in a whole new generation of consumer electronics devices,” said Dick Barton, CEO of Displaytech. “The crisp, consistent visual clarity offered by the new displays is enhanced by their extremely compact form factor and minimal power consumption, making them highly adaptable and ideal for any number of consumer electronics applications.” Check out to find out more.