RadioShack to Offer Rebate Check Bonus

RadioShack to Offer Rebate Check Bonus


RadioShack said this week that they will offer a 10 percent discount on purchases over $50 for those who use either their tax refund or stimulus rebate checks as forms of payment.

In addition, the retail chain has made another offer, for customers who wish to spend some but not all of their checks at the store. RadioShack will place the remaining amount in a Vision Silver Prepaid MasterCard which can be used wherever credit cards are accepted.

“While we would certainly love for them to spend everything at RadioShack, we understand other obligations may be necessary,” the company’s executive vice president, Peter Whitsett, said in a statement. “Fortunately, our offer gives them the best of both worlds: save upfront on their consumer electronics purchase and save the rest of the money for a later date. This is the kind of personalized solution that keeps our customers’ best interests at heart.”

Sears and Kmart announced a similar offer earlier this month. The checks are scheduled to begin arriving next week.

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