Sending Images to Camphones

Sending Images to Camphones


Web-to-wireless photo sharing just got easier for all digital shutterbugs, thanks to a new application from Pictavision MediaShare. The company tells us they have developed, “an extremely easy way to send any photo from your computer or online photo site to your cell phone from Exclaim. Pictavision MediaShare is a free-downloadable application available at

The company tells us that Pictavision MediaShare is actually a browser plug-in application, which gives users an intuitive drag-and-drop tool to easily deliver photo content to their mobile phones. The application is initially available for the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, with plans to support other browsers in Q4-2007. Pictavision MediaShare is currently supported on all major US carriers.

“Pictavision MediaShare streamlines the complex process of getting content to mobile phones. With the support of the major carriers, photo sharing has never been faster, and easier,” began Jiren N. Parikh, Vice President and General Manager of Wireless at Exclaim. “Now, anyone with a mobile phone and an Internet connection can immediately personalize their phone with their favorite images.”

Once at the site you’ll find that the Pictavision MediaShare product icon installs in the Microsoft Internet Explorer toolbar to provide what is essentially one-click access to the service. Users simply drag and drop photos into the Pictavision MediaShare interface, enter a personal message in the subject field and click submit to send the pictures.

A text message with a unique authorization code is sent to the mobile phone that lets the consumer complete the sending of the images to the phone. The consumer receives a text message with a URL to allow the consumer to open, view, and save the images directly to their mobile phones’ photo gallery. Pictavision MediaShare users will be able to install this application on multiple machines at no additional cost.

The company also told us that consumers are billed through their mobile carrier and are charged: $1.99 for sending a single-image, $2.99 for sending two-images, or $3.99 for sending three-images on their monthly cell phone bill.