The Lakeside Challenge

The Lakeside Challenge


Digital Clique recently spoke with the folks at Lakeside Camera Photoworks in New Orleans, La., and were interested to discover how aggressive the location has become with regard to the growing photo gifting market.

“We recently gave ourselves a challenge…in 45 days we had to come up with 30 digital imaging products that we could produce ourselves. And we did it! A lot of these new idea are now very popular with our customers,” explained Ginger Gauthe, manager of the location. “You can’t just rely on people coming in with rolls of film to process anymore.”

Those ideas were as follows:

Holiday Cards

Bound books

Calendars (spiral bound, card stock)

Personalized note cards

Postcards (for commercial businesses doing direct mail)

Business cards

‘Comp Card’ (4 images on front with your vital stats, other side is your headshot)

Press Kits

Address Labels

2-inch round stickers (put people’s pictures on them and wear them to football games)

Envelope sealing stickers.


Trading Cards (football, baseball, basketball)

Gift Tags (holiday theme, you can insert a picture)

Window clings

Fake magazine Covers