Editor’s Note: Camera Retailers Are Prime for E-tailing

Editor’s Note: Camera Retailers Are Prime for E-tailing

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We’re pleased to name YM camera as our 2019 E-tailer of the Year. We congratulate the Yankush family on their strong performance in online e-tailing and social media sales and marketing.

June 2019 editor's note Jerry-Grossman-cropped-7-2016 e-tailing
Jerry Grossman

Coming off of Amazon’s Prime Days in July, we’re always forced to compare ourselves with the behemoth that wants to control our customers’ online wallets. Prime Day was a huge sales success for Amazon and all those associated with their platform. And not just for the sales it generated.

Their summer sales are beginning to “flatten out” the retail calendar; training customers that Black Friday isn’t the only answer to online bargains. Moreover, some reports stated this summer two-day retail holiday outsold Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. It’s also beginning to demonstrate that bargains are available at any time during the year. And that should be good for the photo retail trade as well.

Photo E-tailing Year-Round

Cameras, lenses, accessories and printing products do not have to be sales promoted only during the holiday season. Sure, it’s an opportune time to give a great gift. However, photography is a yearlong adventure, and vacations (a great time to purchase) also happen year-round. YM-camera-logo-in-camera e-tailing

Moreover, what Prime Day demonstrated to me was that saving our most aggressive marketing for November and December is playing into the hands of Amazon. Rather than compete with them for six weeks, maybe it’s time for us to “zig while they zag.” Of course, many of our retail readers are already practicing this with their own local events.

We should promote cameras year-round, especially when the stage can be ours alone.