October 2018 Editor’s Note: PRO Group’s 60th Anniversary

October 2018 Editor’s Note: PRO Group’s 60th Anniversary


I was lucky enough to be invited to the PRO Group’s annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona, a few weeks ago. While I’m not at liberty to mention what was discussed, I am always enthused by what I experience when I’m among this fantastic group of photo specialty dealers.

Jerry Grossman

The dealers are there not only to improve their profit prospects but also to help each other. They are connected, sometimes by generations of family affiliations and sometimes by friendships. And they all face similar challenges in their businesses. With PRO celebrating its 60th year in 2018, it’s no wonder that this buying group has been so successful and continues to grow. Congrats to Mark Leonard and his amazing team for their success.

Mirrorless Developments

On another note, the competition in the mirrorless camera category is certainly heating up. No less than four of the major camera manufacturers introduced new mirrorless models. While the U.S. has been a little slower to adapt to this format, we now seem poised to drive sales of mirrorless products by giving consumers the opportunity to explore a new way to capture images.

The attributes of mirrorless technologies certainly play into the desire for a smaller form factor without sacrificing image quality. It promises to be a fun ride.

Finally, September’s photokina was the last of the fall shows. This international gathering moves to an annual format beginning in May 2019. We’re pleased to bring you our wrap-up of the show.

Wishing all of you a profitable fall selling season!