ProDrone Changes Name to Global Drone Union

ProDrone Changes Name to Global Drone Union

Rebranding efforts were due to complications with international trademark issues that caused production and shipping delays.


Shenzhen, China—ProDrone, a consumer drone manufacturer, announced the immediate change of its name from ProDrone Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., to Global Drone Union (GDU). The decision to rebrand was made in order to bypass an ongoing trademark debate. The trademark issue caused production and shipping delays of the company’s drones. GDU will keep the “Byrd” branded drone product line with standard, advanced and premium models.

The trademark complications were caused by similarly named companies submitting for trademarks days apart from each other. Furthermore, each company secured trademark rights in different countries. Once the trademark complications became known, the ensuing legal debate halted production of the Byrd product line.
Instead of attempting to fight the trademark rights in the different countries, ProDrone Technology decided to rebrand. In could thus get its Byrd products to customers as quickly as possible.

“We had a choice to either focus on research and development to help solve some of the biggest problems in the consumer drone industry or spend time on frivolous litigation. We chose to do what was necessary to get product into the hands of customers that have been patiently waiting for Byrd,” explained Joseph Haagensen, community manager for GDU. “And, we are renewed in our commitment to the consumers that want a drone that fits their exact needs in power and portability. We are just frustrated that this process has ultimately delayed our production and ability to ship product to already interested customers and distributors.”

Shipments Resume

Shipments of the standard Byrd model resumed May 15, 2016. At that time, the rebranding process was completed with the new logo. And other brand-oriented changes were finalized at the GDU factory. Advanced and premium models will start shipping shortly.

Due to the delays caused by the trademark complications, Global Drone Union will offer full refunds to all customers who preordered any Byrd drone.