Rotolight and Elinchrom Form Alliance

Rotolight and Elinchrom Form Alliance

Rotolight Products to Integrate Skyport Wireless Protocol


Pinewood Studios, UK—Rotolight, an LED lighting manufacturer, teamed up with Elinchrom, one of the best-known photographic lighting systems manufacturers. Elinchrom’s Skyport protocol will now be integrated across Rotolight’s product range. This will begin with the Rotolight NEO 2 continuous LED light and HSS flash in September.

Elinchrom’s Skyport 2.4Ghz, high-speed sync (HSS) wireless flash receiver will be built into the NEO 2. This will eliminate the need to purchase a stand-alone flash receiver. The integration is also designed to provide range, flexibility and control for multiple off-camera lighting setups.

Rotolight NEO 2

“Elinchrom Skyport represents the best-in-class wireless, HSS triggering technology. Its combination with Rotolight’s pioneering LED product range will provide creative image makers with a unique, innovative feature set and unrivaled consistency and reliability,” said Rod Aaron Gammons, managing director of Rotolight.

Elinchrom Skyport

Skyport enables users to wirelessly control up to 10 lights, in four groups, at a distance of up to 656 feet with the new Rotolight HSS transmitter. In addition, Elinchrom optimized the transmitter for Rotolight; it is capable of  1/8,000th. The device is available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic camera systems. It is also compatible with all other Elinchrom Skyport devices. Moreover, a version for Fujifilm cameras will follow next year.

In addition, Rotolight recently announced the first continuous LED lights with HSS flash capability, “providing a game-changing product to photographers and filmmakers who want an all in one solution,” the company reported. Unlike traditional strobe/flash, AEOS and the NEO 2 have no recycle time, to help ensure users won’t miss a shot. This feature makes them a lighting option for today’s high-frame-rate cameras.

“Rotolight is a highly innovative company, with a unique set of industry first products. We were very excited to work with them when they approached us to integrate the Skyport technology into their product range. The integration is great for both companies, and for Rotolight’s customers, they gain a rock-solid, ultra-reliable, state-of-the-art, high-speed sync wireless triggering technology,” said Simon Whittle, CEO of Elinchrom.

Benefits for Filmmakers

Filmmakers will also enjoy the benefits of the Skyport integration. It will provide them with wireless remote control of color temperature, brightness and also triggering of Rotolight’s CineSFX. Rotolight’s CineSFX is a suite of customizable cinematic lighting effects. It can produce such effects as lightning, fire, gunshot, paparazzi and TV flicker to enhance video productions.

“Our ambition is for Skyport to become an industry standard technology, eliminating the need for expensive, proprietary trigger systems that prevents photographers from working with their lights of choice,” added Whittle. “We are extremely excited to be working with Rotolight. It is a disruptive innovator in the lighting industry with a unique set of industry first features. This collaboration between both companies will provide creative image makers with a state-of-the-art solution that is uniquely versatile, whilst also being rock solid and consistent.” and