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Social Community & Resource Created by Wolfgang-Peter Geller


New York, NY—Two-time World Press Photo Award winner Wolfgang-Peter Geller launched a new community social platform and resourced-filled website for photographers, videographers and the movie industry. Geller is the founder as well as managing–owner of Sunbounce GmbH.

Wolfgang-Peter Geller

“I thought we needed a more centric, social community for photographers and videographers to share their ideas, photos, videos and knowledge in a more focused location. So we launched to meet their needs,” said Geller, a well-published photographer himself. “Our goal is to give  photographers a place to showcase their talents and learn from their peers. And where they can exchange ideas, without getting lost in the selfie world.

“We’ve got published photographers like Greg Gorman, Steve Thornton, Rolando Gomez, Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Mike Larson, Art Brewer, Jim Jordan and others that will share their knowledge on the website,” Geller added. “On the non-community side of the website, you’ll find in-depth information on Sunbounce products, but you’ll also find helpful photography tips, tricks and information on the proper use of light modifiers, plus digital camera techniques to improve photography. SunBounce-Logo-Graphic“Our intention is to keep the community side of the website focused on today’s talented visual artists—to give them a place where they feel they belong, with their colleagues and peers,” continued Geller. “Join our free visual artist community now and be seen, not just heard.” is a social community for photographers and videographers to share their ideas, photos, videos and knowledge. The website also features articles filled with photography tips and information.

Sunbounce GmbH

Sunbounce is a professional outfitter for photographers and also videographers. It offers premium light modifiers as well as enhancers for their assignments and shoots. Founded by Wolfgang-Peter Geller in 1999, the company is based in Lüneburger Heide (Egestorf near Hamburg). Geller, as a photo reporter, advertising, travel and fashion photographer, has received numerous awards.