EyeQ Develops Background Balancing for School Yearbooks

EyeQ Develops Background Balancing for School Yearbooks


Calgary, Canada—The creator of Perfectly Clear automatic image correction, EyeQ introduced a patent-pending technology called Background Balancing. The new tech automatically improves yearbook portrait pages.

Background Balancing automatically balances the backgrounds of school portraits to ensure the entire page of a yearbook remains cohesive, consistent and visually pleasing. Moreover, paired with the automatic photo-editing and retouching technology of Perfectly Clear, it saves time and money while making yearbooks look better.

“We’ve had numerous companies come to us and say that the number one problem with yearbooks is the distracting backgrounds,” said Brad Malcolm, cofounder and CEO of EyeQ. “Manual color correction is very tedious, time-consuming and also expensive. However, using our image-correction expertise, EyeQ has automated this process; this will make a huge difference in production cost savings. In the end, it’s all about developing new innovations that our customers are looking for, especially something as big as this.” EyeQ-BB-after

Background Balancing

Background Balancing is a solution for photographers who do not use green screens in school portrait photography. The exposure and color of the background varies from photo to photo; as a result, it needs to be edited for the yearbook. As part of Perfectly Clear QuickDesk, Background Balancing adds consistency to a formerly time-consuming chore. QuickDesk is a workflow tool for photo labs and photographers.

“Traditionally, this is done by editing every photo for color, tone and light retouching; then reviewing all the images to balance the backgrounds so they all match,” added Jeff Stephens, cofounder and CTO. “This is very time consuming, so QuickDesk will now do this for you, automatically. This is a problem our team worked on for the past year; we’ve taken a novel approach to solving this and are pleased to introduce this one-of-a-kind solution.”

In recognition of the current stressful and challenging circumstances, EyeQ is offering two months of QuickDesk and QuickServer at a 50% discount. It also offering two months of Background Balancing at no cost.

To see a demo of Background Balancing or to learn more about how Perfectly Clear automation can improve productivity as well as photo quality, visit our website.


Previously Athentech Imaging Inc., EyeQ Imaging Inc. is an entrepreneurial, privately held company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In addition, in has offices in Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, California. EyeQ-Logo

What’s more, EyeQ’s Perfectly Clear technology brings 19 years of science and numerous patents to its professional and consumer offerings. The company comprises a dedicated team of physicists, engineers and photographers.