Printing Press What’s Happening June 2019

Printing Press What’s Happening June 2019


The What’s Happening June 2019 installment looks at new software that enhances the offerings of Mitsubishi’s Selfone Wireless Print Station. We also cover a new wide-format printer from Mimaki USA. And expansion is in the air, with new facilities announced for both Vanguard Digital and Mutoh America.

                      What’s Happening June 2019

Mitsubishi Adds SelFone Wireless Print Station V1.6 USB Bundle

Mitsubishi Electric announced the SWPS V1.6 USB bundle upgrade—the USB-SWPS-UP16. The downloadable package includes a plug-n-play USB stick containing the upgrade software plus hundreds of ready-to-use frames and print templates.

The upgrade bundle comes with frames for all types of events: from birthdays and weddings to holiday parties and school functions. Moreover, each frame is preformatted to accommodate all the photo layouts offered by the company’s SelFone Wireless Print Station.

The SelFone enables photographers to offer and manage wireless printing at events or venues. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to capitalize on the prints that their customers generate. The self-contained, compact station is easy to install and operate. It does not require an additional computer or cameras and does not need an Internet connection. Mitsubishi-USB-SWPS-UP16-bundle

Customers will also appreciate the fact there is no app to download into their phones. The SelFone Wireless PUpload Filesrint Station connects peer-to-peer with a mobile phone through its Wi-Fi settings. Moreover, with the CP-D90DW printer, photographers can offer multiple print sizes: 2×6-inch photo strips; 4×6-inch regular or perforated photos; and 5×7 and 6×8 prints with some additional configuration.

In addition, new features of the USB-SWPS-UP16 upgrade software include the ability to provide downloadable and shareable printed photo images. Also, Wi-Fi is now used to import saved photos. Other features are: an improved browser experience with Android OS; preview print images in Fun Print; an optional external website link connection; and support for a Spanish language user interface.

The USB bundle provides a total of 990 Fun Print and print frames. The bundle sells for $49.99.

Vanguard Names New Headquarters & Facility for Late Founder

Lawrenceville, Georgia-based wide-format digital printer manufacturer Vanguard Digital Printing Systems relocated into a new corporate headquarters. It also announced the opening of the Jim Case Customer Experience & Demonstration Center. The facility is named after the late Jim Case, one of the company’s three cofounders who died in September 2018.

The Jim Case center is housed within the company’s new 40,000-square-foot headquarters in Lawrenceville, just outside Atlanta. The center was built to host current and prospective clients, analysts, media representatives and anyone else visiting the company.

Vanguard Digital’s new headquarters in Lawrenceville, Georgia

It features hands-on access to the company’s line of digital printing hardware and software. Moreover, it provides customized visits; live demonstrations; training classes; and professional services, such as application and material testing.

“This extraordinary facility is inspired by our fundamental core value of putting our clients first,” said Jim Peterson, founding partner and chief operating officer. “Every inch of the Customer Experience & Demonstration Center underscores our commitment to this guiding principle.

“We built the facility to anticipate and respond to the tough printing challenges that customers face every day, while showcasing our highly successful state-of-the-art printing equipment. The center showcases the breadth and depth of Vanguard Digital’s innovation through a personalized experience that allows customers to interact with digital solutions for all graphic arts environments.”

Previously, Vanguard was located in Suwanee, Georgia, another Atlanta suburb. The company’s new headquarters are at 2410 Tech Center Parkway, Suite 125, in Lawrenceville, 30043.

Mimaki USA Debuts JFX200-2513 EX Flatbed Printer

Mimaki USA, provider of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, launched the JFX200-2513 EX UV-LED flatbed printer.

Moreover, the JFX200-2513 EX boasts increased productivity; the flatbed adopts a new draft mode that enables a print speed of up to 12 boards per hour. Its three staggered printheads also allow for simultaneous printing without sacrificing speed, even when using white and clear inks. It also offers faster mechanical motors and a vacuum foot pedal that lets users load or unload substrates more effectivity.

What's Happening June 2019 Mimaki-JFX200-2513-EX-UV-LED-side
Mimaki JFX200-2513 EX

In addition, Mimaki engineers developed a 2.5D print function for the printer. Compatible with RasterLink6 Plus software, 2.5D printing enables users to create dimensional textured graphics up to 0.5mm in height using grayscale. This print function also takes advantage of Mimaki’s LUS clear inks to remove bubbles and create sharper edges.

“The new JFX200-2513 EX printer builds on the original model’s features that our customers have come to count on. We engineer products based on customer insights, allowing us to offer a printer that will serve the needs of our users and their businesses,” said Michael Maxwell, senior manager, Mimaki USA.

The JFX200-2513 EX prints onto media up to 98.4 inches wide by 51.1 inches long and 1.96 inches thick. It produces such applications as rigid signage, wayfinding, decorative panels, POPs and custom pieces. Furthermore, it uses GreenGuard Gold inks in four and six color configurations, plus white, clear and primer.

Mutoh America Opens West Coast Distribution Center

Wide-format printer and cutter manufacturer Mutoh America opened a distribution center in Carson, California, not far from the port of Long Beach.

According to Mutoh, the large facility is ISO 9001-rated and also offers state-of-the-art inventory tracking. It tracks the company’s products once they are transported from the Port of Long Beach, after arriving from Mutoh’s manufacturing campus in Japan. What's Happening June 2019 Mutoh-America-printer-displayThe new facility adds to Mutoh America’s existing distribution centers that serve the Americas—in Arizona and Panama. Moreover, its addition will shorten the company’s time to market. The company also asserts it will increase flexibility in order processing, improve operational efficiency and offer customers savings in both shipping costs and in the time needed for them to receive their goods.

“This is a huge step forward for Mutoh America,” said Brian Phipps, president of Mutoh America. “Being in the Los Angeles area and becoming more efficient plus lowering costs are key to any company; and this allows us to do just that.”

Mutoh America also has learning facilities in Torrance, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Phoenix, Arizona.

Lastolite Panoramic Background Chroma Key Blue Debuts

Lastolite By Manfrotto launched its Lastolite Panoramic Background 13-foot Chroma Blue. The company is a manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems.

The unit is a collapsible 13-foot wide by 7-foot, 5-inch high background. It folds down into its own carry case that fits into a car. Weighing in at 19.8 pounds, the background is for image makers on the move.

What's happening June 2019 Lastolite-Panoramic-Chroma-Key-Blue-lifestyle
Lastolite Panoramic Background 13-foot Chroma Key Blue

Moreover, self-supporting, it sets up in minutes. The structure comprises three aluminum-framed sections. They connect together with a hinge clip to allow the background to set up flat and lean against a wall. Or the side frames fold in to create a wraparound effect. The Chroma Key Blue cover also clips to the aluminum frame to create a taught, seamless surface.

The background is convenient for livestream and postproduction keying projects. In addition, its 13-foot width creates enough working area for multiple camera angles and subjects. Although the brushed fabric is nonreflective, the height and width combined is enough to place the subject at a good working distance from the background, thus eliminating color spill from the Chroma Key Blue surface.

The Chroma Key Blue cover joins Lastolite’s Chroma Key Green, Black, White, Granite and Limestone versions.

The Panoramic Background 13-foot Chroma Key Blue comprises two SKUs: a frame/cover kit and the cover only. They have the following prices: LL LB7943, Panoramic Background 13-foot Chroma Key Blue, $539.99; LL LB7963, Panoramic Background Cover 13-foot Chroma Key Blue, $189.99.