GoPro Omni Captures Inauguration in 360º

GoPro Omni Captures Inauguration in 360º


San Mateo, CA—In collaboration with Time Inc. and the Associated Press, GoPro traveled to Washington, DC, for the inauguration weekend to capture the ceremony and the Women’s March in 360° video with the Omni.

The company’s virtual reality (VR) expert Lee Bledsoe shot both events with the GoPro Omni. The six-camera rig system is a professional end-to-end solution for capturing, stitching and also publishing high-resolution VR and immersive content.

During the inauguration at the U.S. Capitol, it was positioned in a prime spot on the balustrade above the swearing-in ceremony. It was the only VR camera permitted at the historical event. To check out the time-lapse video captured for Time, click here.

Furthermore, the day after the inauguration, Bledsoe took the rig on the road with Time reporter Charlotte Alter to cover the Women’s March on Washington. There they braved the crows, got the shot and also finished the big magazine story. To check out the 360º hyperlapse of the march, click here.

GoPro Omni

Omni is a synchronized six-camera spherical array engineered to achieve high-resolution imagery. It works with Kolor stitching software to produce immersive, 360º content. Proprietary hardware at the center of the rig enables pixel-level synchronization between all six Hero4 Black cameras in the rig.

GoPro Omni

The cameras in the rig interact with the primary camera in the array to configure settings or initiate the start/stop of recording for all six cameras in unison. In addition to capturing VR content, Omni may also be used for “over capture”: it can capture video at 8K and users can extract an HD deliverable.

Videographers can use the GoPro Omni Importer for preview, data management and rendering. They can fine-tune the content in Kolor Autopano Video software and then proof the content in GoPro VR player. Once finalized, the video can be published to the GoPro VR website.

By collaborating with Adobe, GoPro simplified the complexities of editing spherical content by enabling native handling of 360º video, up to 8K resolution, within Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC.

The GoPro Omni package will be offered at $4,999.99. It includes: one GoPro Omni sync rig; a GoPro Kolor software license; six GoPro Hero4 Black cameras as well as batteries; six lens covers; a GoPro smart remote; six GoPro Mini USB cables, six 32GB MicroSD card and also card readers; a seven-port USB hub; one Switronix Hypercore-98S battery as well as charger, Switronix GP-S V-mount battery plate/clamp and PowerTap to DC 2.5x 5.5mm cable; as well as an ultracompact, waterproof case.

Preorders on GoPro’s Omni begin April 18, 2017.