12 Travel Accessories for Summer Picture Takers on the Go

12 Travel Accessories for Summer Picture Takers on the Go


Summertime is the prime season for outdoor activities, vacations, hiking, biking, water sports, beach parties and, of course, taking lots of great pictures. When temperatures are balmy and the days are longer, people tend to spend more time outdoors—and photo enthusiasts are more likely to bring their cameras along. To improve your customers’ summer photography possibilities and enhance their shooting experience, here’s an enticing collection of a dozen imaging travel accessories.

Moreover, they are guaranteed to upgrade even snapshooters’ ability to capture awesome images wherever their travels take them. Please note that each item represents a product category as well as an excellent choice within that category. So we encourage you to promote other weatherproof camera bags, tripods, monopods, etc., to see which particular ones make the most sense to include in your inventory. We wish you and your loyal staff a great summer selling season!

      12 Terrific Travel Accessories

Incase Designs Travel Passport Wallet

Incase Travel Passport Wallet

It’s not just for holding passports; this stylish Incase zip case provides multiple inner pockets and dividers to accommodate a variety of small traveler’s essentials, including SD memory cards, credit cards and, of course, money. Constructed of durable 300D heathered-weave Ecoya fabric, it features a robust zippered closure.

The wallet also has an RFID (radio frequency identification) liner to prevent digital theft. And it comes in gray, anthracite, black and deep red versions. $49.99.

mophie 20,100mAh Encore Plus Portable Power Bank

mophie 20,100mAh Encore Plus

This sleek, compact mophie 20,100mAh capacity portablepower source is great for travelers out in the boonies with no access to an AC outlet. The device will recharge up to two mobile devices at the same time, including cameras, tablets and cell phones. It does so via its fast-charge-compatible micro USB input port.

Moreover, it includes built-in micro USB and Lightning cables to accommodate a wide variety of electronic gear. The mophie delivers a maximum output of 1.8A, features LED power status indicators and a durable aluminum housing. It also incorporates fail-safe circuitry to prevent overheating. $99.99.

Sigma TC-1401 1.4x Teleconverter

This advanced, highly corrected Sigma 1.4x teleconverter is a compact, lightweight alternative to carrying extra lenses when on the go. It mounts directly behind the lens to multiply its effective focal length by a factor of 1.4x while losing only one stop of light; e.g., an 85mm f/1.4 becomes a 119mm f/2.0, to enhance shooting flexibility when shooting portraits or travel photos.

travel accessories Sigma-TC-1401-teleconverter
Sigma TC-1401

It also maintains communication between the lens and the camera, so autoexposure (AE) and AF functions operate normally. Moreover, dustproof and splashproof, it’s multicoated to maximize light transmission and minimize flare and ghosting. In Canon EF, Nikon F and Sigma SA mounts, $349.

BlackRapid Sport Breathe Sling Strap

Built for comfort as well as to keep a camera instantly accessible, this BlackRapid cross-body strap for right-handed users places the camera upside down against the waist. As a result, the camera is secure and easy to get to. The strap features inch-wide nylon webbing that’s adjustable from 36 to 65.7 inches in length, as well as a comfy 4-inch wide moisture-wicking shoulder pad. The pad is made of nylon mono mesh, curved TPE foam and poly air mesh.

BlackRapid Sport Breathe

In addition, there are spring-loaded bumper locks for the camera and a robust CR-3 ConnectR locking carabiner for toting additional gear securely. Also a BlackRapid FR-5 FastenR Breathe creates a connection point via a camera or lens’s ¼”x20 tripod socket. It comes with a nylon storage pouch for small incidentals. $73.95.

Giottos Small Blower Lens Cleaning Kit

A must-have travel accessory for those “Oh no!” moments, the Giottos kit comes with a 1-ounce bottle of multi-optical cleaning solution for use on all glass and plastic surfaces; a white microfiber cloth; a retractable goat’s hair brush; and 10 cotton swabs with both pointed and blunt ends.

Giottos CL 1001

The kit also includes a small Giottos Rocket Blaster blower made from natural rubber. The German-designed blower has a unique inlet valve design that prevents it from blowing back dust. As a result, the blower is suitable for cleaning delicate sensors and mirrors. In addition, Giottos makes a wide range of cleaning kits, which come in display cases. This kit comes in black (CL 1001), blue (CL 1004) and red (CL 1007), $14.99.

MindShift Gear Exposure 15 Shoulder Bag

For photographers on the go in any weather, this attractive MindShift Gear camera bag features a durable water-repellent DWR coated exterior, YKK weather-resistant zippers and “weather wings” at the front flap for diverting rain. A seam-sealed rain cover affords maximum protection from the elements. Moreover, all metal parts are made of anodized aluminum to resist corrosion.

MindShift Gear Exposure 15

The Exposure 15 can hold a DSLR (without grip) or mirrorless camera with an attached telephoto zoom plus 2–5 extra lenses, a flash unit and small accessories in the main compartment. There’s also a pocket for a 15-inch laptop or tablet. Other features include: an oversize lid closure with a quick release buckle; a zippered wide organizer and small lid pockets; a side stretch pocket with an elastic cinch strap; a side accessory strap for optional Peak Design or Spider Light camera clips; a trolley strap; and tripod/monopod straps. The bag can be carried by its adjustable shoulder strap or its robust handle. $144.49.

Sirui W-1004 Waterproof Tripod

Ideal for shooting at the beach, on the trail or in dusty or inclement conditions, this Sirui USA submersible aluminum tripod boasts a waterproof sealing system. It prevents water, dust and sand from entering its four-section twist-lock leg tubes. Moreover, one leg is removable and can be attached to the split center column to form a full-sized 63.8-inch monopod. In addition, stainless steel spikes for enhanced stability on outdoor surfaces can replace rubber feet.

Sirui W-1004

The W-1004 extends to a maximum height of 65 inches, folds to a compact 19.3 inches and has an impressive load capacity of 33.1 pounds. Its split center column enables a minimum height of 5.7 inches for grounder shots, and there’s a ballast hook for a stabilizing weight.

In addition, its reverse-folding legs wrap around most accessory ball heads to ensure maximum compactness. It weighs in at 3.7 pounds. $208.99.

Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia 70–200 V3.0 Rain Cover

This cover protects a DSLR with a 70–200mm f/2.8 or smaller lens from downpours, flying dust and debris encountered on travels or in the field. The tough three-layer camera/lens cover is seam-sealed and DWR coated for maximum protection. Moreover, an oversized window permits photographers to view the LCD and provides easy access to camera controls.

Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia 70-200 V3.0

The Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia, which mounts on a tripod or monopod, has a built-in replaceable shoulder strap and a rainproof front element cover. It’s also bundled with a nonslip, adjustable lens strap and handy carrying pouch. In addition, a pocket built into the cover holds an optional eyepiece ( $19.75) that’s required for full access to the camera’s viewfinder. The rain cover comes in two versions: one for DSLRs and the other for mirrorless cameras. $124.75.

Tiffen Digital HT Circular Polarizing Filter

Tiffen Digital HT Circular Polarizing Filter

Benficial when capturing summer scenic and landscape images, this high-transmission (HT), multicoated adjustable filter from Tiffen increases overall color saturation. It also adds contrast for dramatic skies and eliminates unwanted glare and most reflections from water and glass surfaces.

Made in the USA to military specifications, it uses proprietary ColorCore glass to deliver 99.5% light transmission. To get the desired effect, photographers just rotate the milled, low-profile titanium front lock ring on this two-part filter until they see it in the viewfinder or on the LCD.

Note: circular polarizer filters don’t affect meter or AF accuracy when used on today’s TTL-metering DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. 52mm to 82mm options, $65.99–$184.99.

Manfrotto Compact Monopod Advanced

Manfrotto Compact Monopod Advanced

Monopods are great ultra-portable summertime travel accessories that take up little space in a bag and can be set up almost anywhere. Most important, they add stability for sharp shots and video. This is true whether shooting in dim light or focusing on sports or wildlife with a long telephoto lens.

This sturdy Manfrotto five-section aluminum monopod folds to 16.3 inches and extends to an eye-level 61.3 inches. In addition, it supports DSLRs up to 6.6 pounds yet weighs just 12.3 ounces.

Moreover, designed in Italy, it has fast operating flip locks for easy setup. And a quick wheel lets the photographer hold the camera with one hand while mounting it with the other. Also, an ergonomic soft grip and a wrist strap add security. $34.99.

Sigma WR Ceramic Protector Filter

Many experienced photographers use a clear or UV filter over their lenses to protect their glass from dust, sand, scratching and direct physical impact. The Sigma WR Ceramic Protector filter takes this protection to the next level, employing a super-hard ceramic substrate. The filter combines a remarkable 99.7% transmittance value, a hardness greater than chemically strengthened glass and greater flexibility than sapphire crystal.

travel accessories Sigma-WR-Ceramic-Protector-Filters
Sigma WR Ceramic Protector Filter

As a result, the ceramic filter delivers superior shock, scratch and impact resistance, even under adverse conditions. It also features a water-repellent, antistatic coating that fends off water droplets and fingerprints, plus is easy to clean. The filter comes in sizes from 67mm to 105mm. $93–$315.

Seagate 4TB Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive

Taking a compact, high-capacity external hard drive along on summer excursions lets photographers back up their images and videos on the fly, freeing up space on memory cards. This sleek, portable metal-bodied 4TB unit from Seagate is bus-powered via a superfast USB 3.0 Micro B connection.

travel accessories Seagate-Backup-Plus-portable-drive
Seagate Backup Plus

It features a maximum sustained read/write speed of approximately 120MB/sec and a spindle speed of 5400 rpm. Moreover, the Seagate Dashboard includes a protect function that lets users schedule automatic backups in one click.

In addition, save and capture features enable acquiring and backing up files from social media. Moreover, a share feature allows uploading multiple files to social networks. The drive comes in both Mac and Android versions. $109.99 in blue, black, or red.