EZ PnP Offers Blu-ray Burner

EZ PnP Offers Blu-ray Burner


The DM550-BD from EZ PnP (Booth #1139) is the industry’s first Blu-ray burner product to copy files directly from flash memory cards and USB drives. Like all EZDigiMagic™ products, model DM550-BD is a standalone device that can be used without a computer.

The DM550-BD offers the same quality and performance people have come to expect from all EZPnP™ products—with one major advantage—its Blu-ray burner allows users to copy up to 25GB of digital data onto one, single-sided disc (dual-layer Blu-ray discs can store 50GB). With its compact size and a weight of less than three pounds, this sturdy desktop unit can be transported easily and used nearly anywhere.

Additionally, consumers can take advantage of the DM550-BD’s exceptional versatility by utilizing the following premium features: a two-inch color TFT screen for photo viewing; a USB host port for copying files directly from cameras, camcorders or USB flash drives; and video-out capability, which allows users to connect to a TV for large-screen image viewing and video playback.

The DM550-BD also supports most file formats and has easy-to-use menu options, which help to simplify the digital storage process. Backing up photos, videos, documents or music can be done with the touch of a button—and of course, the product can copy to CD and DVD discs, as well.

For added flexibility, a USB 2.0 cable is provided, which allows this portable digital storage unit to be used as an external Blu-ray burner and player for either a PC or Mac. It also accepts all major memory card formats, including high-speed and high-capacity varieties (CF High-Speed, UDMA & SDHC). The EZDigiMagic™ DM550-BD is now available .