Gitzo Traveler α Tripod for Sony Cameras

Gitzo Traveler α Tripod for Sony Cameras

Special Edition Tripod Launches with L-Bracket α

Gitzo Traveler α

Upper Saddle River, NJ—Following the collaboration between Vitec Group and Sony, Gitzo developed two accessories specifically for the Sony α7 and α9 interchangeable-lens cameras. Targeted at professional photographers as well as premium camera users, the Traveler α tripod and L-bracket α are tailored for those two ILCs to help increase grip and stability for framing and composition.

Gitzo Traveler α

With a dedicated Sony α plate, the compact, lightweight Traveler α is a premium travel tripod. The new black and silver finishing as well as its design match the aesthetic of Sony α cameras. The tripod weighs 3.15 pounds, extends to 65 inches high and holds up to 22 pounds of gear.

Key Traveler α Features

The 180° leg-folding system developed by Gitzo allows the Traveler α’s legs to reverse-fold around its center column and head. Moreover, it folds down to 16.9 inches. The legs are made of carbon eXact

Gitzo Traveler α

tubing for strength and stiffness in a slimmer size. They also feature the Traveler G-lock. This travel-size version of Gitzo’s G-lock is built to ensure security and reduce size and weight. Furthermore, specially designed compact rubber feet help ensure stability.

The Traveler α also features Gitzo’s most compact professional carbon fiber tripod head. This balanced head is engineered to provide “the ultimate smoothness and precision of movement and secure locking with independent pan/tilt lock,” the company announced.

In addition, the special edition Traveler α tripod features an ergonomic strap made of genuine Italian leather crafted to resemble carbon fiber.

The Gitzo Traveler α is now available for a retail price of $999.99.

Gitzo L-Bracket α

Gitzo also introduced an L-bracket developed “to enable effortless orientation of the α7R III and α9.” At 2.7 ounces, the L-bracket α is said to be the lightest of its kind on the market. It is made of a single solid aluminum piece, machined to become one with one of the most high-level professional mirrorless cameras on the market.

Gitzo L-bracket α

The bracket has four main attachment points for the camera strap connection, to permit a secure coupling. Moreover, its upper side provides full access to camera cabling, either for video shooting or indoor tethering. It also features a dedicated housing for its hex key accessories.

In addition, the Gitzo L-bracket α makes switching from landscape to portrait orientation easier, while keeping the camera balanced. It sells for $199.99.


Gitzo tripods, monopods, heads and accessories are designed for professional photographers and videographers. The company instituted the first use of carbon and basalt fiber to make tripods and magnesium to make heads.

Gitzo-crafted products form a range of supports for large, medium and small format cameras. They are suitable for film or digital technology, for still photography or video, and for studio as well as location work.