Røde PodMic USB Mic with XLR and USB Outputs

Røde PodMic USB Mic with XLR and USB Outputs


Los Angeles, CA—Røde Microphones introduced the portable Røde PodMic USB mic for podcasters, livestreamers and content creators of all types.

“We’re excited to announce an incredible product in our industry-leading range of audio solutions for content creators—introducing the PodMic USB. Based on the legendary original PodMic, the go-to microphone for podcasters, streamers and content creators, the PodMic USB takes versatility to new heights,” the company announced.

Notably, the new mic offers both XLR and USB connectivity, plus a host of next-generation features for capturing professional sound.

Røde makes popular audio solutions, from a range of microphones to audio software and all-in-one audio production solutions. The PodMic USB combines all the company’s technologies in a flexible microphone that is simple to use.

Røde PodMic USB Mic Features
Røde PodMic USB

The new PodMic USB is a broadcast-grade dynamic microphone optimized for podcasting, streaming and other speech applications. It employs a high-power neodymium capsule for warm, detailed audio capture. In addition, it offers a tight cardioid polar pattern, flat frequency response and low self-noise.

What’s more, content creators can use the microphone for variety of applications. It features both XLR and USB outputs, which allows you to connect the mic to a mixer, console or audio interface. It will function just like a classic broadcast microphone, or you can plug it into a computer for plug-and-play recording. Further, the option to record via XLR or USB makes the PodMic USB ideal for entry-level creators as well as seasoned pros.

The PodMic USB is also compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices for a studio-quality portable recording solution. This means it’s an option for everything from creating content in a home studio or in a professional broadcast studio to making recordings on a phone or tablet literally anywhere.

For professional sound quality, the mic employs a high-power neodymium capsule built to deliver detailed audio optimized for speech. Like the original PodMic, it has a balanced sound signature meant to flatter all voice types. And a built-in pop filter helps to manage plosives, for cleaner audio capture. Rode-PodMic-USB-mic-2_modules_4_rode-podmic-usb-packaging-insitu-8192×5464-rgb-1920×1080-7f64f80

Its circuitry was also enhanced to deliver a flatter frequency response and lower self-noise. Plus, its tight cardioid polar pattern helps ensure a focused sound with rejection of background noise from room reflections, as well as keyboard and mouse clicks.

When using the digital USB output, the mic offers an integrated professional-grade audio interface, with Røde’s ultralow-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp. It also provides high-res analog-to-digital conversion. Moreover, onboard DSP adds advanced APHEX audio processing to recordings.

Support for Røde Software

Additionally, activated and controlled via Røde’s suite of free software solutions, Røde Central, Røde Connect and Unify, the DSP allows you to add a studio-grade compressor, noise gate and high-pass filter to your voice. Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects can also be added. You can also tweak the effects with the VoxLab editor. Three simple controls for depth, sparkle and punch let you dial in the sound you’re after.

Røde PodMic USB

For deeper control, the advanced editor provides access to every parameter for each processor, just like a professional plug-in or hardware unit. The microphone also has a high-power headphone output, which permits you to monitor the audio with zero latency. Plus, volume control offers quick-and-easy level adjustment and doubles as a zero-latency on/off switch.

The Build

The PodMic USB sports a black finish with a matching black grille. Its sleek industrial design is also compact and low-profile, allowing for an unobscured shot when streaming or vlogging.

Like the original PodMic, it also features all-metal construction, from the body to the stainless-steel mesh grille. In addition, its integrated swing mount allows for flexible positioning and is internally decoupled from the body for isolation from keyboard and mouse clicks, as well as desk noise. The capsule is also internally suspended for protection from vibrations caused by knocks and bumps.

The Røde PodMic USB is backed by five-year warranty. Available for preorder, it has a suggested retail price of $199.