Westcott MV95 Mini V-Mount Battery

Westcott MV95 Mini V-Mount Battery


Maumee, OH—Palm-sized and boasting a 95Wh capacity, the new Westcott MV95 mini V-mount 14.8V Lithium-ion battery supports up to a 10A draw. Consequently, it is an option for a range of cameras and lights.

Furthermore, unlike many micro batteries that are limited to 6A, it offers broader power options due to its higher power output. Dual-output USB-A and D-Tap ports also provide external power sources for added convenience in 14.8V applications.

Westcott MV95 Mini

Moreover, the battery provides high-capacity power for extended photo and video projects. “Experience the perfect blend of power and portability with the Westcott MV95, a high-capacity 95Wh 14.8V 6400mAh D-Tap Li-ion Mini V-Mount battery,” Westcott announced. ”This portable powerhouse delivers the reliable and consistent power you need to tackle even the most demanding projects.”

Westcott MV95 Mini V-Mount Battery Details

To power up multiple devices simultaneously, the MV95 battery features dual output D-Tap and USB-A ports. Whether it’s your camera, light fixtures or mobile devices, the compact V-mount battery can provide power. What’s more, you can keep an eye on your battery’s remaining charge with the touch-activated power display.

Westcott MV95 Mini

In addition, Westcott built the MV95 to be travel easy. Thus, the battery is 30% smaller than traditional V-mount batteries. Compact, it measures 4.3×3.0x 2.1 inches and weighs in at 1.2 pounds. It is also TSA-approved for carry-on travel to your location shoot.

Westcott also built power management into the MV95. Its built-in protection safeguards against overcharging, overdischarging as well as temperature extremes. For added peace of mind, it’s also backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Furthermore, you can charge the MV95 using the optional Westcott 14.8V D-Tap battery charger (sold separately, $39.90) or opt for any standard V-mount or D-Tap charger.

Westcott MV95 Battery and Charger Kit

The Westcott MV95 mini V-mount battery has a suggested retail price of $129.90. Additionally, the MV95 battery and charger kit includes a 14.8V V-mount battery with a 95Wh capacity and a smart battery charger that revives a fully depleted MV95 in 2.5 hours. The kit retails for $149.90.