Insta360 Magnetic Selfie Stick Holster for Hands-Free Filming

Insta360 Magnetic Selfie Stick Holster for Hands-Free Filming


Los Angeles, CA—For outdoor adventurers as well as vloggers, the Insta360 Magnetic Selfie Stick Holder is a new camera accessory that helps ensure your camera and selfie stick are within reach and ready for action.

Crafted for convenience, the Magnetic Selfie Stick Holster allows content creators to attach their camera plus selfie stick to a backpack strap or waist belt. Click in the selfie stick to attach, and twist to release. Insta360-Magnetic-Selfie-Stick-Holster-ghosted

Insta360 Magnetic Selfie Stick Holster

However, the company says the Magnetic Selfie Stick Holster is not just about swift access. It’s also built to endure rugged scenarios. “Whether you’re hiking your favorite trail, diving into the depths or cruising down the slopes, the holster design ensures a full-proof mounting for your camera,” the company announced.

In addition, Insta360 added a nonslip rubber pad to make the mounting position more secure, as well as protect gear from wear and tear. Insta360-Magnetic-Selfie-Stick-Holster-2

Recommended scenarios for the new accessory include hiking, diving as well as skiing. For hikers who want to record their experiences, the holster enables them to snap a group photo or a scenic view without hesitation. Moreover, the holster also attaches securely to a diving weight belt and has no issue with water pressure when diving deep. Release with one hand and start recording any time. This is particularly useful for wildlife filming beneath the waves. Insta360-Magnetic-Selfie-Stick-Holster-3

Furthermore, the Magnetic Selfie Stick Holster is compatible with the company’s 70cm Invisible Selfie Stick, the 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick and the Action Invisible Selfie Stick. (The Extended Edition Selfie Stick is not compatible.) Additionally, backpack straps and waist belts must be a maximum of 65mm in width to attach the holster securely.

The Magnetic Selfie Stick Holster is available now with a suggested retail price of $49.99.