GoPro macOS Quik Desktop App Debuts with Premium+ Subscription

GoPro macOS Quik Desktop App Debuts with Premium+ Subscription


San Mateo, CA—The initial release of the GoPro macOS Quik desktop app was introduced along with a new Premium+ $99.99 GoPro subscription tier. This release expands the use base for the company’s Quik mobile app.

“Our new Quik desktop app syncs with our mobile app and cloud, making GoPro the ultimate content creation solution for beginners and advanced creators, alike,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO. “Quik’s auto-editing experience represents a convenient starting point for new creators. And our more advanced editing tools and ongoing developments in AI and computer vision ensure pro-minded users will enjoy enhanced capability as we continue to update our apps.”

GoPro macOS Quik Desktop App

Moreover, the Quik desktop app is available at no additional charge to GoPro subscribers. Additionally, it syncs with the Quik mobile app. Consequently, you can start a project on one device and finish it on another. Furthermore, the app’s editing tools, such as a beat sync feature that automatically matches your edit points to the rhythm of your soundtrack, now make advanced content creation easier. In addition, Quik’s auto highlight editing feature helps beginners achieve pro-like results without prior editing experience. GoPro_macOS-quik_desktop-app_sync

The initial release of Quik is now available for macOS. GoPro will also release a Windows version later this year.

GoPro subscribers can also benefit from auto camera-to-cloud upload of their latest GoPro footage; unlimited cloud storage of their GoPro footage at original quality; auto highlight videos sent to their phones; as well as cloud editing and media management tools.

Premium, Premium+ and Quik Subscription Tiers

GoPro subscribers and Quik app users can now pick between three GoPro subscription offerings. GoPro’s new subscription tier, Premium, offers additional features and benefits beyond the original $49.99 GoPro subscription tier. The new $99.99 a year Premium+ subscription tier includes all the above features plus a “HyperSmooth Pro” video stabilization tool for advanced users. It also provides an additional 500GB of cloud storage for GoPro-captured footage. GoPro_macOS-quik_desktop-app–premium_editing_tools

GoPro Premium

Previously called the GoPro Subscription, GoPro Premium is available for $24.99 for first-time subscribers and $49.99/year upon renewal. It includes:

  • Unlimited cloud storage of GoPro footage
  • 25GB of footage captured with any camera
  • Synced mobile and desktop editing tools with Quik
  • Guaranteed camera replacement
  • Up to 50% off accessories at
  • $100 USD off your next GoPro $399 MSRP or higher, upon annual subscription renewal
  • Auto upload to the cloud + app sync for on-the-go editing across devices
  • Auto highlight videos sent to your phone
  • Enhanced media management tools
  • Livestreaming to and select social platforms
  • Access to private virtual Subscriber Sessions hosted by GoPro pro athletes and content creators
  • Earn double the GoPro Awards payouts—$500 reward for a selected photo and $1,000 for a video GoPro_macOS-quik_desktop-app-connect_transfer
GoPro Premium+

This new subscription tier is geared toward advanced creators. It is available as a $49.99 upgrade for existing GoPro subscribers and $99.99/year for first-timer subscribers and upon renewal. It includes all Premium benefits plus HyperSmooth Pro video stabilization and 500GB of cloud storage for footage captured with any camera.

Quik Subscription

Additionally, a $9.99/year Quik subscription is available for non-GoPro users looking to use the Quik mobile app as a video-editing solution for their phone content. This tier includes unlimited access to simple mobile editing tools as well as auto edits. It also features 47 photo and video filters;15 edit themes, including urban, memory, travel, and glitch themes; 300+ original music tracks; as well as 150+ royalty-free tracks. GoPro-MacOS_Quik_desktop_app-1

GoPro is now making the Quik apps macOS, iOS and Android free to download and use on a trial basis.