Rokinon 35-150mm F2.0-2.8 AF Lens Firmware Released

Rokinon 35-150mm F2.0-2.8 AF Lens Firmware Released


New York, NY—Rokinon released a new firmware update for the Rokinon 35-150mm F2.0-2.8 AF lens. The full-frame lens was recently launched in the Sony E mount.

Firmware Version 02 provides improved autofocus as well as face-detection performance when controlling zoom in video mode. It also improves exposure compensation performance during bracket shooting. Finally, the firmware improves intermittent aperture control issues after rebooting.

To download the latest firmware for your lens, visit the support page.

Rokinon 35-150mm F2.0-2.8 AF Features

With a fast maximum aperture, the new all-in-one zoom is a solution for photographers seeking to avoid changing lenses. While primarily for portrait photographers, its wide zoom range is also useful for shooting commercials, events and travel imagery.

Rokinon 35–150mm f/2.0–2.8 AF

Furthermore, its large aperture starting from f/2 achieves an attractive background blur to the image’s out-of-focus areas. The lens effectively separates the subject from the background, using a shallow depth of field to capture images with a compressed background. The natural bokeh, created by the 9 diaphragm blades, also makes it possible to capture nighttime cityscapes.

With a maximum aperture of f/2 at its widest and f/2.8 at the telephoto end, the lens covers the five main focal lengths (35/50/85/135/150). Its fast maximum aperture also helps control camera movement by allowing a higher shutter speed or reducing noise by choosing a low ISO. Additionally, the lens supports key features of Sony mirrorless bodies. They include hybrid and eye AF, direct manual focus as well as the AF-assist function.

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What’s more, the lens is constructed with 21 elements in 18 groups. It features two aspheric, one HB, three high-refractive, as well as six extra-low dispersion elements. When combined with Sony’s full-frame image sensor, the lens delivers sharp images edge to edge. UMC (ultra multi-coating) technology is also applied to minimize flare and ghosting. Consequently, it aids in producing clear images.

Moreover, a linear stepping motor (STM) provides responsive, accurate focusing when shooting photos as well as videos. It’s geared for tracking fast-moving subjects and smooth transitions from the MOD (minimum object distance) to infinity. The lens also offers close-up performance with a MOD of 13 inches at 35mm and 33 inches at 150mm.

Enhanced Functionality

In addition, Rokinon enhanced the lens’s functionality with custom switches and buttons. Two round buttons made of soft rubber have a focus save function that stores two points of focus. Further, you can preprogram three custom mode switches on the lens via the optional Lens Station.

Rokinon 35–150mm f/2.0–2.8 AF

Since releasing its second-generation lenses, Rokinon introduced the “hidden red ring” that is now part of the brand’s identity. Reflecting customer feedback, it improves the look and usability of the lens. It also offers enhanced tactile controls for focusing and focal length adjustment. A lock switch on the body also helps keep the lens set at its shortest 35mm position, which is useful for protection during travel.

In addition, by applying a metal barrel, the build quality was improved and the lens made more robust. The lens is also weather sealed at the mount and throughout the body. Weather sealing was adopted to prevent damage or contamination from dust, light rain, and snow.

Video Features

For videographers, Rokinon added several features to the 35–150mm lens:

1)  Dolly Zoom Shot: The dolly zoom is an in-camera cinematic technique. However, professional dollies can be expensive and challenging to operate. In this mode, the focus ring and zoom ring are linked in the system. Consequently, you can take a dolly shot by operating the zoom ring.

2)  Cinematic Video AF: When shooting video, the AF speed is more carefully adjusted than photo shooting. It results in lower wobbling and stable movie shooting.

3)  Linear MF Focus Control: This convenience for video shooters matches the torque of the focus ring as closely as possible to that of a manual focus lens when shooting video in manual mode.

4)  Digital Parfocal: Specialized for video shooting, digital parfocal maintains focus on the subject when zooming in or out. After focusing on the subject in MF mode, the focus doesn’t require adjusting again, even when zoomed in or out.

Rokinon 35–150mm f/2.0–2.8 AF

The Rokinon 35–150mm f/2.0–2.8 AF lens has a suggested retail price of $1,399 in the Sony E mount.