Tamron Lens Utility Mobile for Android OS

Tamron Lens Utility Mobile for Android OS


Commack, NY—Tamron released Tamron Lens Utility Mobile, a dedicated application for smartphones and tablets running with Android OS. The app provides convenient use in the field as well as expands the possibilities of video and still photography capture.

The new application is the mobile version of the Tamron Lens Utility dedicated Windows and Mac PC software. Developed in-house by Tamron and released in October 2021, the software has earned praise from Tamron users. Moreover, the company is making the Android mobile version available on Google Play.

The Tamron Lens Utility Mobile app is compatible with Androids running with OS 612. It supports the following Tamron lenses after a firmware update: the 2875mm f/2.8 Di III VXD G2 (model A063); 35150mm f/22.8 Di III VXD (model A058) and the 2040mm f/2.8 Di III VXD (model A062).

Tamron Lens Utility Mobile Details

The original 2021 Tamron Lens Utility software enabled the customization of various functions of select Tamron lenses. Consequently, it enables the lenses to match the user’s video and still photography style.

Since then, the company has received feedback regarding improved convenience from customers wishing to make lens function customizations in the field. As a result, it developed Tamron Lens Utility Mobile for Android OS. Moreover, using the separately sold Tamron Connection Cable, photographers can connect an Android smart device to a lens to configure lens customizations without a computer.

Tamron-Lens-Utility-Mobile-EISA-AWARDS-2022 Tamron-28-75mm-f2.8-DI-III-VXD-G2
Tamron 28–75mm f/2.8 DI III VXD G2

Integral to the app, Tamron incorporated a function that enables users to control lens operations from a smartphone. For example, users can set up the A-B focus function that smoothly shifts the focus from one preselected subject to another without touching the lens.

Various other functions are enabled by the mobile application.

Tethered Remote Control

For instance, dedicated features developed for the smartphone are configurable to perform tethered remote control. Photographers can configure the following functions with the remote set button in the application.

  • A-B Focus: They can set two focus positions (A and B) and make the focus shift between A and B.
  • Focus Preset: They can also set the desired focus position and move the focus to the recorded point with a tap of the remote set button.
Custom Switch or Focus Set ButtonTamron-Lens-Utility-Mobile-Tamron 70–300mm f/4.5–6.3 Di III RXD-Tamron 50–400mm f/4.5–6.3 Di III VC VXD-Tamron 20–40mm f/2.8 Di III VXD-Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Tamron-Logo-New-2-2017

In addition, users can customize the custom switch or focus set button in the following ways.

  • A-B Focus: They can set two focus positions (A and B) and make the focus shift between A and B.
  • Focus Preset: In addition, they can set the desired focus position and move the focus to the recorded point by a press of the focus set button.
  • Focus Limiter: Users may select the autofocus search range between Full and Limit.
  • Select AF/MF: They choose the AF and MF function using the focus set button.
  • Switch Focus Ring Function: They can also customize the switch focus ring function from focus adjustment to aperture adjustment.
  • Finally, they can assign custom functions from the camera body to the focus set button.
Customizing the Focus Ring

What’s more, the application allows photographers to customize the operation of the focus ring in two ways.

  • MF Ring Rotation: They can change the rotation direction of the focus ring.
  • MF Method. They can also choose the method of focus operation when using the focus ring.