Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9 1.6x Carbon Fiber Anamorphic Lens Now in X...

Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9 1.6x Carbon Fiber Anamorphic Lens Now in X & L Mounts


Verona, NJ—The Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9 1.6x carbon fiber anamorphic lens is now available in X and L mounts. The lens is positioned as a solution for creators who want a compact, lightweight lens that can handle a wide range of scenarios.

As a result of its small form factor, the lens is an option for use on handheld stabilizers/gimbals, FPV drones and vehicle rigs to gain unique perspectives.

Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9 1.6x

Now available in five different mounts, in both blue and neutral flare versions, the lens employs an 18-element, 13-group design, with well-positioned aspherical elements. The elements not only eliminate chromatic aberration but also reduce the lens’s overall size and weight.

Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9 1.6x

Measuring approximately 4 inches in length, depending on mount, it features a carbon fiber barrel that also reduces the weight of the lens.

Moreover, the lens produces horizontal neutral streaks when pointed at a light source, providing a classic anamorphic look. In addition, it achieves a wider look equivalent to a 22mm spherical full-frame field of view.

It also features a constant 1.6x squeeze ratio at all focusing points. As a result, the subject size doesn’t change as photographers pull the focus. What’s more, an image captured in 16:9 is de-squeezed to an anamorphic 2.8:1 aspect ratio. Conversely, shooting in 3:2 yields a 2.4:1 final image with a cinematic look.

Photo taken with blue flare version.

The T2.9 aperture also produces a shallow depth of field, separating the subject from the foreground. Additionally, the lens’s 10-blade aperture creates oval bokeh effects. With an aperture range of T2.9 to T16, it also has a minimum focus distance of 3 inches. Other features include a 58mm filter thread as well as a 120º rotation angle of its focus ring.

In all mounts, the Sirui Saturn 35mm T2.9 1.6x carbon fiber anamorphic lens has a suggested retail price of $1,299. The X- and L-mount versions are now available or preorder.