Anthropics PortraitPro Body Retouching Software

Anthropics PortraitPro Body Retouching Software


London, UK—Anthropics Technology launched PortraitPro Body—a dedicated full-body retouching software. The software is designed to simplify and speed up body photo editing.
anthropics-logo“Due to the innate knowledge of human beauty that is built into PortraitPro Body, the highest quality full body portrait touch-up can be achieved by anyone in just a few minutes. It has a unique intuitive slider interface which gives users as much manual control as they like,” said Andrew Berend, CEO, Anthropics Technology.

The software can retouch upper body as well as full-length portrait photos in minutes. PortraitPro Body’s technology is based on academic research into the human appearance and on extensive training in human body shape and beauty. Additionally, it handles RAW files and can be run as a Photoshop plug-in (Studio edition).

Among the tools included are body contouring, with specializes space tools designed for full body portraits. Users can additionally, adjust built and height with intelligent controls and sliders for fine-tuning. The program also allows for posture correction. Furthermore, users and smooth skin and remove blemishes using ClearSkin technology, as well as adjust face expressions, smooth skin and relight the face.

PortraitPro Body software’s body contouring, before and after

The Anthropics program is available as a free trial. PortraitPro Body is available in two editions: Standard (stand-alone) and Studio (stand-alone plus plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom).

For a limited time, PortraitPro Body’s standard edition is being offered for $39.95. Its suggested retail price is $79.99.

Anthropics Technology

Anthropics Technology Ltd. is a software research and development company with a track record for innovation in graphics and animation. The company creates disruptive, effective technologies, centered around human beauty with a special focus on facial analytics.

Its experience and codebase provide realistic and flexible facial rendering and body warping. The company’s software leverages advanced machine learning methods for accurate face detection and intelligent image annotation.