Excire Foto AI Photo Management Software Now in U.S.

Excire Foto AI Photo Management Software Now in U.S.


Nokomis, FL—Today, nearly everyone takes more pictures than ever before. Moreover, digital photo collections continue to grow. However, photographers trying to locate a specific image or a group of images that share similar visual characteristics can easily lose track in a flood of images. This is where Excire Foto AI (artificial intelligence) software comes in.

With Excire Foto, AI-experts from German developed a software product with intelligent functions. As a result, it enables users to organize their image collections and find the photos they need. Excire-Foto-AI

Using modern image and face recognition techniques, Excire Foto automatically analyzes and tags the photos in a user’s collection with keywords. Whether the photos are from a beach vacation or a family celebration, Excire Foto AI finds the relevant photos.

“This way, even a large collection of photos finally can feel like the familiar old shoebox in which many generations of photographers had their photos at hand and ready to show their families and friends alike,” said Erhardt Barth, founder and president of Excire.

Excire Foto AI

Once Excire Foto AI finds the requested images, via users’ Dropbox or Google Drive, the pictures are easily shared online. In addition, the images’ keywords are exported and used elsewhere. Thus, using Excire Foto saves time that allows users to focus on the creative side of their photography. What’s more, Excire Foto works locally on a user’s computer, without having to upload images to the cloud. Excire_Foto Ai logo

Excire Foto is available now for macOS (version 10.14 or newer) and Windows 10 (64-bit) at an introductory price of $39. The regular price is $59. In addition, a fully functioning 30-day trial version is available for free download from the Excire website.


Excire Foto is a product of the Pattern Recognition Company GmbH (PRC). Moreover, its U.S. subsidiary, Excire Inc., distributes the software in the U.S.

PRC comprises a team of computer scientists with expertise in the fields of machine learning as well as computer vision. Furthermore, PRC has applied neural networks and deep learning since 2005, long before these technologies became popular.