Canson Infinity Travel Photography Ambassadors

Canson Infinity Travel Photography Ambassadors

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Annonay, France—Inspired by world travel, Canson Infinity is working with its international travel photography ambassadors to share their experiences and their best practices in photography. Canson Infinity is a leader in fine art and photography paper.

Peter Eastway, Chris Ceaser and John Miskelly, all specialists in travel photography, are passionate about sharing their experience. They do so through video tutorials and photography workshops. Furthermore, they educate photographers on how to capture their images in the field; process them in postproduction; as well as print them on the best quality paper.

Canson Infinity Travel Photography Ambassadors

Peter Eastway

Renowned landscape photographer, Eastway recently returned from Antarctica. Now, in a new video for Canson Infinity, he shares a portfolio of engaging landscapes photographed at the end of the summer season. The photos were captured as the weather began to change and the light danced over the snow. Eastway talks about the trip and the challenges he faced during his adventure. He also delves into the detail of each of his landscape photos.

peter-eastway travel photography ambassadors
Peter Eastway

“When I put a print up on the wall, it has to sing,” says Eastway in the video. “It has to show what I felt. It’s got to show that same emotion. I don’t want to make a print of something lackluster. I love the way Canson Infinity Rag Photographique works with my color palette; it produces a tertiary softness on a neutral white base that resonates with me.”

Chris Ceaser

Ceaser is a professional travel and landscape photographer based out of his gallery in York, UK. An associate of the Royal Photographic Society, he also runs a series of smallgroup residential photographic workshops.

Moreover, in his new video, he documents a recent trip across two locations, over four nights with four photographers. Taking in stunning scenery, we see Ceaser tutoring his students on how to get the best shot. He discusses composition and lens craft as well as controlling the light for each exposure.

Chris-Ceaser travel photography ambassadors
Chris Ceaser

“Alongside singleshot work, I show my students exciting techniques such as stitching, HDR and long exposures with a valuable processing overview; they can see how the pros edit,” says Ceaser. “Each photographer works at their own pace; so, they can spend more time on the things they want to learn. Because it’s a small group, participants get lots of personal attention, too.

“When it comes to printing, I produce my work using the Canson Infinity range, especially Platine Fibre Rag 310; Rag Photographique 310; Baryta Prestige; and also Edition Etching Rag.”

John Miskelly

Miskelly has established himself as one of the top landscape photographers working in the UK and Ireland today. Furthermore, he is an award-winning fine art photographer and a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and the BIPP. What’s more, Miskelly specializes in landscape and travel photography from around the world. Most recently, he became a Top 10 Finalist in the Hasselblad Masters 2018 Awards, out of 30,000 photographers worldwide.

John Miskelly

His style, which typically involves long exposures of around eight minutes, reflects his vision in terms of the simplicity as well as strong compositional elements he finds around the coastlines of Europe and beyond.

“As a professional travel and landscape photographer, producing fine art prints for my customers, my choice of inkjet paper is very important to me,” says Miskelly. “Tonal range, color fidelity, the handling of detail and ultimately the ‘feel’ of the paper are all critical factors in my choice of paper.

“Having tested all of the major inkjet papers on the market a couple of years ago, Canson Infinity was the one paper manufacturer that consistently gave me the results I was looking for. Within the Canson Infinity range, when choosing a matt paper, I will use either Rag Photographique or Velin Museum Rag; both are 100% cottonbased papers containing no optical brighteners. If I’m looking for a paper to replicate the traditional fibrebased papers, I’ll use the excellent Baryta Prestige.

Canson Infinity

In 1865, Canson acquired an international patent for the improvement of albumen papers; it was one of the first processes for the production of photographic paper at the time. The patent consisted of the improvement of the final rendering of the image; it also avoided the costly goldtoning process generally practiced when performing the original process. Canson-Infinity-Logo

Today, Canson favors the use of natural minerals and pure materials, without optical brighteners. In addition, its printing materials are resistant to aging.