MAGIX’s First VR Software: Photostory Premium VR

MAGIX’s First VR Software: Photostory Premium VR


Madison, WI—MAGIX Software launched Photostory Premium VR, its first virtual reality (VR) software. “Now impressive virtual worlds can be created in just a few steps with conventional photos and videos. And no additional hardware is required,” the company announced.

MAGIX-Photostory-Premium-VR-boxThe release of Photostory Premium VR complements MAGIX’s Photostory product family with a new way of editing photos and videos. The program includes an extensive set of VR functions, the full functionality of Photostory Deluxe and numerous additional effects.

“Virtual reality is currently one of the most exciting technological developments of our age,” said Stefan Renz, Photostory Premium VR’s product owner. “We have over 20 years of experience in developing photo and video editing software. And we are using this knowledge to help shape VR innovation. Moreover, we truly believe that Photostory Premium VR will greatly expand the circle of users who can take part in this exciting new technology.”

Photostory Premium VR Features

The new VR software offers users various options to create interactive VR presentations. For example, 360° photos and videos can be assembled to form professional virtual tours. Additional content, such as regular photos and videos or texts, can be added as well as edited with a few clicks.

Furthermore, the software is engineered to make it possible to achieve real surround sound by adding audio files. Users who do not have an extensive collection of 360° or 3D content can also display their conventional photos and videos in one of the 3D worlds provided by the program.

No additional hardware is required to run Photostory Premium VR.

Moreover, no additional hardware is required to run Photostory Premium VR. Renz added, “Even an ordinary PC or laptop can realize the full potential of this incredible new VR software. It brings a technology, which is increasingly used at trade fairs and in the real estate industry, to a completely new audience of every-day users.”

Photostory Premium VR also supports advanced VR hardware and fully featured VR content that can be edited. In addition, for sharing and playing finished VR experiences, MAGIX provides the free app MAGIX VR-X Player. As a result, the finished project can be viewed on a PC or laptop with VR glasses or with a VR headset for smartphones.

In related news, MAGIX announced Photostory Premium VR 365. The subscription service permits users to enjoy of the professional features of Photostory Premium VR for a low monthly fee.

Depending on their requirements, VR newcomers as well as professional producers of VR content can choose between different versions of Photostory Premium  VR.

Photostory Premium VR retails for $129.99; Photostory Premium VR 365 is offered from $9.99 per month. The VR-X Player is free of charge.