GoPro Unveils Waterproof Hero Entry-Level Camera

GoPro Unveils Waterproof Hero Entry-Level Camera

New Action Cam Retails for Less Than $200


San Mateo, CA—GoPro added an action camera to its lineup that’s clearly aimed at stepping up smartphone videographers to an outdoor adventure camera. On sale now, the entry-level Hero camera is priced at $199. Marketed as a go-anywhere, capture-anything camera, the Hero is designed to make it easy to share experiences that would be difficult to capture with a smartphone.

“Hero is a great first GoPro for people looking to share experiences beyond what a phone can capture,” said Meghan Laffey, GoPro’s vice president of Product. “Hero makes it easy to share ‘wow’ moments at a price that’s perfect for first-time users.”

GoPro Hero

Laffey added that sharing cool experiences with Hero is simple. “It offloads captured photos and videos to the GoPro app, which creates fun, shareable videos for you, automatically. No more fumbling with your SD card or plugging your camera into a computer. Hero makes it simple.”

Moreover, those looking for the ultimate GoPro experience can subscribe to GoPro’s PLUS subscription service. Cloud backup, damaged camera replacement, 20% off accessory discounts and more are included with a PLUS subscription. The program is priced at $4.99 a month and is cancellable anytime.

Hero Features

The new Hero features a 2-inch touch display for framing the shot and reviewing captured photos as well as videos. In addition, it is waterproof to 30 feet and is built for durability for use in a range of outdoor activities.

The action cam is capable of recording HD video at 1,440/60p as well as 1,080/60p. In addition, it captures 10 megapixel photos.

GoPro Hero

Like other GoPro cameras, it also offers voice control. This function allows shooters to take hands-free control of the camera by using simple voice commands. They can tell Hero to start and stop recording, take a photo, turn off and more.

Another notable feature is video stabilization. The new camera employs a video stabilization system designed to help smooth out the effects of camera shake—whether shooting by hand or using a GoPro mount.

In addition, Hero is compatible with 30+ GoPro mounting accessories and also offers QuikStories. This new feature moves captured footage to the GoPro app and transforms it into video automatically, with music and effects.