VueScan from Hamrick Software Supports 30 PIE Film Scanners

VueScan from Hamrick Software Supports 30 PIE Film Scanners


Miami, FL—Hamrick Software, developer of VueScan, released the latest version of its image-scanning program. Moreover, the new version provides support for all film scanners from Pacific Image Electronics (PIE). This includes its latest scanner, the PowerFilm.

“VueScan is widely acknowledged as the most popular third-party scanning utility,” said Eric Wu, director of Sales at Pacific Image Electronics. “Our customers can enjoy the full range of scanning options that VueScan provides.” PIE specializes in digital imaging products, accessories and film scanners for consumers, professional photographers, photographic labs and biomedical applications.

PIE’s PowerFilm is an affordable scanner with batch scanning capabilities. It enables users to scan large quantities of 35mm filmstrips with a high resolution of 24 megapixels. Moreover, the scanner is efficient, providing high speed scanning at 24 seconds per frame at 6MP resolution. Using the 6MP setting, the digital output is high enough quality to make 300-dpi prints at 10×6.7 inches in size.

In addition, users can literally walk away as the PowerFilm scans up to 10 filmstrips unattended. Compact for home use, it provides quality results. Its 24MP image quality compares to high-end DSLR cameras. Moreover, because the scanner achieves 24MP resolution, users can output a 20×13.3-inch print at 300 dpi.

VueScan Professional Edition

“We support more than 6,000 different models of scanners. I am very impressed by the PIE scanners,” said Ed Hamrick, president of Hamrick Software. “These are the most advanced film scanners made today. Moreover, VueScan now supports all of their advanced features on all versions of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.”


VueScan is a computer program for image scanning, especially of photographs, including negatives. It also supports optical character recognition of text documents. The program works with both flatbed and film scanners.

The software supports more than 6,000 scanners from 42 manufacturers in a combination of three operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The company also offers a free, downloadable “try before you buy” full version of VueScan. However, a watermark appears on all scans until the user purchases a license.

In addition, VueScan is for all levels of users; it has three modes to work in: basic, standard and professional. It also has a one-stop “scan” button that scans with all the settings done automatically.

Moreover, the software has a range of advanced features: batch scanning; multipage PDF output; as well as options for scanning faded slides and prints while automatically adjusting images to optimum color balance. It also includes built-in IT8 color calibration of scanners, to produce colors that look true to life.

VueScan is available in two editions: Standard ($29.95) and Professional ($79.95). Both licenses are for life and support up to four computers. However, the Professional edition adds unlimited free upgrades, support for film scanning and advanced features.