Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Memory Card

Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Memory Card


San Jose, CA—Lexar, a global brand of flash memory solutions, announced the Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B memory card. To meet the demanding needs of today’s videographers and photographers, the Lexar Pro CFexpress card performs to capture high-quality images and RAW 4K video.

“We are proud to announce the Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Card, the world’s fastest CFexpress card on the market today,“ said Joel Boquiren, senior director of Global Marketing. “This announcement is representative of our mission to continue creating solutions capable of next-generation performance for professional videographers and photographers; so they can continue capture high-quality images and seamless RAW 4K video.”

Lexar Professional CFexpress Specs

Moreover, the card leverages the capabilities of next-generation high-definition cinema and DSLR cameras. As a result, the rugged card supports both PCI Express Gen 3 and NVMe protocols. In addition, it provides high-speed performance, durability and reliability, with a read transfer speed of up to 1,750MB/s.

Lexar-Pro-CFexpress_256GBThe Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B card is now available for presale at $199.99 for the 128GB card and $399.99 for the 256GB card. Lexar will release 64GB and 512GB versions at a future date. In addition, the card comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Furthermore, like all Lexar product, the card underwent extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs. The facilities has more than 1,100 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility and reliability. lexar.com


Now Longsys brand, for more than 20 years Lexar has been a trusted brand of memory solutions. Its lineup includes memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers as well as solid-state drives.