Alternative Photo Products Survey

Alternative Photo Products Survey


Accepting the fact that alternative products are now becoming your most important source of revenue is the new reality in imaging retail. Gone are the days where your 35mm processing profits carried your business.

Enter the photo sharing market and the myriad opportunities this category now represents – from the old standby items like 4×6 prints, photo mugs and calendars to the newer and more tech-savvy items like digital picture frames and photo books. The possibilities are limitless in the digital age within this category.

This market remains an interesting one and many important trends are developing that smart retailers are tracking and maneuvering around to take advantage of new profit opportunities. As part of a new feature in Picture Business each month, sponsored by Kodak and New Age, we’re polling our readership on a variety of subjects and posting the results in subsequent issues. As you may have guessed from our intro, we are looking at photo sharing/gifting this month to see how consumers are reacting to the new opportunities for communicating memories through digital image files and exciting photo gifts.

Please fill out our questionnaire at – and submit your answers by September 25th, 2007. Submitted questionnaires will be eligible for a drawing to win a Kodak EasyShare C533 Digital Camera and G600 Printer Dock.