INDURO Micro Site For MAC Group

INDURO Micro Site For MAC Group


The Micro Site continues its popular run within the imaging industry as now the MAC Group has announced the intro of the Induro Gear site at Less than a year ago the MAC Group launched the Induro brand of professionally designed, high performance support gear to the U.S. market. And now, as MAC Group President Jan Lederman explains, “We had an incredibly successful introduction of Induro. The products were well received, the sales have been strong, and we want to let photographers know there is much more to come, both in terms of new products and support”.

According to Marketing/Product Manager, Lorenzo Gasperini of MAC Group, “In today’s world, consumers demand readily accessible information, and instant communication through the Internet. In preparation for building the new Induro site, we studied many of the top Internet sites. Our goals centered on giving visitors an engaging experience, with lots of ways to search for products, and an easy-to-use interface.”

Along with offering visitors a look at complete product specifications, product benefits and a whole host of the more expected features, the Induro site features an interactive product search, an interactive camera compatibility search, and a user search engine.

Photographers can also select and directly compare the specifications between the different collections of tripods, monopods and tripod heads.