Speed, Reliability Fuel On-Site Photo Print Biz

Speed, Reliability Fuel On-Site Photo Print Biz


Since 1958, Jensen Imaging has been delivering on-site photos to vacationing families at their ski resort and amusement park locations using the latest in imaging technologies.

From development labs to instant photos to photographic printers, the company has united quality with speed — and optimized its business practice — as development techniques continued to evolve. Now, with a combination of Mitsubishi printers that includes eight CP-9800DWs, 15 CP-9550DWs and more, Jensen Imaging has the power to quickly and reliably print thousands of high-quality pictures a day.

Before it deployed Mitsubishi’s photographic printers, the company was using development labs to deliver on-site photos to their customers. Not only was the process time-consuming, but it was also a costly investment to maintain lab technicians and upkeep.

They turned to photographic printers in early 2001, selecting an array of different brands to use for on-site picture delivery. After years of side-by-side competition, the company upgraded to using exclusively the Mitsubishi photographic printers it has today, knowing the superior speed, reliability and customer service that comes with them.

“We have used Mitsubishi’s photographic printers to help grow our business and save money,” said Robert Jensen, owner of Jensen Imaging. “It is easy to teach employees how to operate the equipment, they are extremely reliable and customer service has been phenomenal. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

Today, Jensen Imaging has eight different ski resorts and amusement park locations in five states around the country. It uses the Mitsubishi printers for its picture quality, clarity and texture —which are a result of the printer’s 300 dpi thermal head — and its reliability, which comes thanks to the jam-free roll type mechanism. Also, the edge-to-edge printing with each of the four different output sizes offers maximum versatility.

“Our printers were made specifically for companies like Jensen Imaging, where speed, quality and reliability are of paramount importance,” said Darla Achey, marketing specialist at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. “Whether you are using one Mitsubishi printer or a whole fleet, they can save time, money and optimize business practices.”