Smartparts: Digital Frames with Brains

Smartparts: Digital Frames with Brains


Turns out there are lots of digital frames on the market that have somewhat of an application issue—pictures are upside down, files are too big, and other limitations. Frankly, it’s all too much for the average consumer to deal with. Smartparts has solved this problem with a simple software solution called OptiPix to help the technically-challenged among us. OptiPix makes it easy to find photos and turns them the right way, sharpens images, creates copies, and condenses pictures so users can put more photos in the frame.

Consumers that buy a Smartparts frame can download the OptiPix software online for free. What’s next for Smartparts? The company hopes to have all that technology built right into the product by next fall, so consumers can go straight from camera to frame. Now that sounds like a frame that’s using its brain!

Smartparts also debuted three new digital picture frames at the show. Frames are available in three different product styles that fit most any décor—black wood and walnut and an acrylic bezel surrounded by a solid black frame. The new frames, which are compatible with popular memory cards, feature the aforementioned automatic slideshow function and a 7.0-inch LCD display.