DIR March 2017 Editor’s Note: Never Settle

DIR March 2017 Editor’s Note: Never Settle


We are proud to once again announce the winners of our Rudy Awards, named after our esteemed cofounder, Rudy Maschke. We also recognize those in our industry who never settle.

Rudy was an original. Hard-nosed but gentle. Creative yet a pure numbers guy. Always looking around the edges to gain a step on the competition. And most of all, a true gentleman.

We named the Rudys after him because he reminded us to never pass up an opportunity when it presented itself. Our award winners run the gamut from drones and printers to

Jerry Grossman

filters and groundbreaking cameras.

Our objective is not to necessarily find the products that represent the greatest sales potential. Rather, we wish to shine the light on those companies that are pushing the envelope in their respective fields.

We congratulate each of the winners. We also continue to encourage our industry to boldly break through barriers and not settle for incremental improvements.

Battle of the Heavyweights

We are also pleased this month to showcase the storied history of the true heavyweights in our industry, Canon and Nikon, and their inspiring battle to stay on top. There was no one better to tackle this subject than photographic historian Jason Schneider. He came to the astute conclusion that by always looking ahead and continually pushing the boundaries of technology to gain an edge, their epic rivalry has driven our entire industry to achieve greatness.

I have so much respect for both companies, and I believe they inspired generations of photographers and imaging companies to strive for greatness.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the dreamers in our industry for always striving for the perfect image. By never settling, you inspire us all.