37th Leitz Photographica Auction Set for November

37th Leitz Photographica Auction Set for November


Allendale, NJ—At the renowned 37th Leitz Photographica camera auction house, many prime specimens of camera history as well as special collector’s items will be on hand. In fact, of the more than 400 lots, a large percentage of the items come from Leitz/Leica. The auction is November 21, 2020.

37th Leitz Photographica

The highlight of the auction comes from the early days of photography. The Voigtländer Daguerreotype 1840 camera was presented by Peter Wilhelm Friedrich Voigtländer. Valued at between $250,00 and $352,00, it is of historic significance. That’s thanks to its fast f/3.7 Petzval lens; it was 15 times faster than the lenses that Daguerre used in his constructions.

37th Leitz photographica Voigtlander-Daguerreotype
Voigtländer Daguerreotype 1840 camera

The camera is in a beautiful, original condition and was never restored. Moreover, it is the first time that Leitz will offer a camera of this type at a public auction.

In addition, one of the rarest and most unusual Leica accessories is the E. Leitz New York Leica Gun Rifle; its estimated value is between $235,000 and $294,00. The Leica rifle launched in 1938 by E. Leitz, Inc., New York, under the code name Rifle. What’s more, it was produced for only a year (1938–1939). In addition, it was inspired by the well-known wildlife photographer Attilio Gatti. Today, there are probably only 12 to 14 still in existence.

37th Leitz photographica E-Leitz-New-York-Leica-Gun-Rifle
E. Leitz New York Leica Gun Rifle

Additionally, one of only three existing Vario-Elmar-M lenses is also being auctioned. The Vario-Elmar-M 3.5–5.6/28–75mm Asph. It has an estimated price between $75,000 and $94,000. It was developed in Germany as a universal lens that replaced the Tri-Elmar 28–35–50. The project was discontinued in 2015 due to the complexity of the mechanical as well as the visual design. Only three lenses were completed that met the quality standards determined by the Leica engineers.

Vario-Elmar-M 3.5–5.6/28–75mm Asph
Auction Details

“Leitz Photographica Auction is delighted to make a lot available for charitable purposes again at this auction, too,” it was announced. “In collaboration with Licht ins Dunkel, a Leica M-P ‘grip’ by Rolf Sachs, including a signed print of the artist, will go under the hammer.” The camera was produced in collaboration with the artist and photographer; it is offered worldwide in a limited edition of only 79 sets.

Those interested may submit bids for the forthcoming camera auction, held on November 21, 2020, online at www.leitz-auction.com. They can also submit bids in writing or by telephone, live worldwide, at www.liveauctioneers.com.