Nikon Storytellers Scholarship Recipients Revealed

Nikon Storytellers Scholarship Recipients Revealed

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Melville, NY—Nikon Inc. announced the recipients of the first-ever Nikon Storytellers Scholarship. The program supports future visual content creators. The scholarship received more than 1,000 submissions from eligible students across the United States and Canada.

Ten recipients were selected by an esteemed panel of judges based on academic achievement as well as creative portfolio submissions. Moreover, to determine the winners, Nikon assembled a judging panel based on their unique experiences and diverse perspectives. The panel also represented Nikon Ambassadors, creatives and industry professionals.

Nikon-Logo-w-tag“After seeing the amazing response to this program from talented students, we are confident that the field of visual arts will continue to grow into the future,” said Jay Vannatter, executive vice president, Nikon Inc.

“By providing these 10 deserving recipients with academic scholarships, we also can empower new generations to innovate through storytelling and content creation.”

2018 Nikon Storytellers Scholarship Winners

The following student photographers and videographers were selected by the 2018 judges.

•    Cassie Chang, California State University, Fullerton (Film)
•    Carter Knopik, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (Film)
•    Edward Ripley, Ryerson University (Photography)
•    Ernest Pund, University of Southern California (Film)
•    Jall Cowasji, New York University (Film)
•    Leah de Leon, Chapman University (Film)
•    Mushfica Masud, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (Film)
•    Nicolas Antaya, Michigan State University (Journalism)
•    Sofia Camargo Hoyos, New York University (Film)
•    Zachary Krahmer, Syracuse University (Photography)

Nikon Storytellers Scholarship Judging Panel

A collection of Nikon representatives, industry professionals as well as creatives were a part of the judging panel responsible for evaluating photo portfolios and video submissions. Evaluations were based on the student’s ability to effectively tell a story visually and also the overall quality of work.

“I enjoyed the creativity and also personal flare that each of the students weaved into their submissions,” said participating judge and Nikon USA Ambassador, Joe McNally. “The quality of all of the submissions demonstrates the power of visual content to tell stories as well as how these students are truly finding unique ways to share their perspectives.”

The Nikon Storytellers Scholarship judging panel included the following professionals:

•    Alyssa Adams, Eddie Adams Workshop Founder
•    Deanne Fitzmaurice, Ambassador, Nikon USA
•    Dorte Vener, Nikon Photo Contest Winner
•    Hiro Okumura, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nikon Canada
•    Indira Williams Babic, Photo & Visual Resources Director, Newseum
•    Joe McNally, Ambassador, Nikon USA
•    Kristian Bogner, Ambassador, Nikon Canada
•    Mary Calvert, Nikon Photographer
•    Melissa Ghionis, Nikon Photographer
•    Mike Corrado, Senior Manager, Nikon Inc.
•    Steve Heiner, Senior Technical Manager, Nikon Inc.
•    Tim Rasmussen, Digital Photo Editor, ESPN