Mitsubishi Electric Strengthens U.S. Executive Team

Mitsubishi Electric Strengthens U.S. Executive Team


Cypress, CA—Mitsubishi Electric, Visual Imaging Systems Division, announced its commitment to growing the U.S. imaging market with the latest personnel changes in its U.S. executive team.

James Chan was assigned as the director, dedicated to the printer business unit. In addition, Ed Najera is now the dedicated printer engineering manager, helping customers with systems and applications. Mitsubishi Electric is a maker of high-quality, dye-sublimation photo printers.

U.S. Executive Team Changes

In his new position, James Chan will work closely with Mitsubishi Electric’s Kyoto factory, bringing the latest dye-sub printers to the U.S. market.

“Mitsubishi brand printers have a great reputation for high quality, durable reliability as well as outstanding performance,” said Chan. “And we continue to commit to a product-forward and customer-centric philosophy to make printers that give the best output and provide the highest profitability to event photographers and photo booth integrators.

James-Chan-7-2019 U.S. executive team
James Chan

“The biggest challenge facing us today is getting the word out about how great our printers are. And making our products part of the buying journey of anyone looking for a dye-sub printer they can count on!” Chan added.

Chan’s tenure at Mitsubishi started in May 1999, as product manager of projectors. He was quickly promoted to senior product manager. Moreover, prior to Mitsubishi, Chan worked as a product manager for Panasonic and Viewsonic, marketing its similar display products.

In addition, Chan majored in database systems management; he holds a BS degree in computer science from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. He also earned an MBA from California State University, Fullerton, when he later moved to the U.S.

Strategic Development

Ed Najera has more than 25 years of expertise in dye-sublimation photo printing. As the dedicated engineer for these printers, Najera will develop, implement and manage engineering and customer programs. These programs will support Mitsubishi’s philosophy of being product-forward and customer-centric in all channels of sales. In addition, he will work closely with many of Mitsubishi’s large integration and systems customers, helping implement the use of Mitsubishi dye-sub printers.

Ed Najera

“We’re committed to supporting and developing our printers and media products, even though we have a low product failure rate of under a third of a percentage consistently year over year. Ed is uniquely positioned to help us continue this trend by working with our factory’s R&D and engineers in Kyoto, Japan,” added Chan.

“As many of our longtime customers will attest, Ed is a valuable asset to our Mitsubishi printer team; whether you’re developing a complex system to integrate our printers with or simply making our printers work with your unique application requirements.”

Najera holds a BS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from California Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Mitsubishi Electric, Visual and Imaging Systems Division

Mitsubishi Electric Imaging Products is a long-standing business unit of the Visual and Imaging Systems Division of Mitsubishi Electric U.S., Inc. It markets an extensive line of thermal as well as dye-sub printers.

Furthermore, authorized distributors and resellers sell their products throughout the United States and Canada.