Rodenstock HR Digital UV & Circular Polarizing Lens Filters

Rodenstock HR Digital UV & Circular Polarizing Lens Filters

Qioptiq Debuts Made-in-Germany Filters for Digital


Las Vegas, NV—Qioptiq introduced new Rodenstock HR digital UV and circular polarizing lens (CPL) filters. The filters are made in Germany. Moreover, they are designed to eliminate image quality losses and maintain lenses’ sharpness and contrast for demanding digital photography applications. Qioptiq is an Excelitas Technologies company. It designs as well as manufactures photonic products that serve a range of markets and applications. rodenstock-logo-photo-optics-logo

“As a globally recognized manufacturer of professional-grade photographic lenses, Rodenstock filters play an important role in enabling sharp, high-contrast, true-color and distortion-free photographs,” said Hans Birzer, sales manager at Qioptiq. “Our new HR digital UV and CPL filters are made in Germany to ensure uncompromising optical and mechanical quality, making them the perfect addition to our popular Rodenstock photography product line.”

Rodenstock 77mm HR Digital UV Filter

Rodenstock HR digital UV and CPL filters are all made from hardened optical glass with “perfect surface quality to ensure that light rays remain parallel to incoming light at all points, eliminating blur and loss of contrast,” Birzer added.

The two filters also feature blackened glass edges. Combined with exclusive coatings, they enable high transmission to reduce scattered light. In addition, the filters’ water- and dirt-repellent coating simplifies cleaning and allows them to remain clean longer.

Furthermore, the extremely flat, low-profile filters and brass frames are engineered to eliminate the risk of vignetting often occurring in wide-angle shots. They are also designed for smooth mounting and removal.

Rodenstock 77mm HR Digital Circular Polarizer Filter

The new filters for digital photography continue Rodenstock Photo Optics’ long tradition of premium-quality made-in-Germany photographic lenses, filters and also accessories for professional analog photography. Moreover, the HR digital UV and CPL filters complement the company’s digital lenses for professional-grade tilt-and-shift cameras.

Rodenstock HR Digital Filter Pricing

The Rodenstock HR digital UV filter is offered in various diameters, with prices ranging from $69.99 to $249.99. The circular polarizing filters for digital also come in several diameters, with prices spanning from $77.99 to $699.99.