ThinkTank Pro Team Gains Adventure Photographer

ThinkTank Pro Team Gains Adventure Photographer

© Liam Doran

Santa Rosa, CA—Think Tank Photo announced that adventure photographer Liam Doran has joined the ThinkTank Pro Team. Think Tank designs and creates travel gear for the “world’s venturing observers.”

ThinkTank Pro Team
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Liam Doran

The company’s Pro Team members are among some of the most recognized photographers and imaging industry thought leaders in the world. Moreover, these brand ambassadors push Think Tanks’ products to the limit. Liam Doran joins more than thirty respected photographers as a Think Tank ambassador.

Adventure photography has been a passion of Doran’s since he was a kid growing up in Colorado’s front range. Still based in Colorado, these days you can find him chasing light, weather, athletes as well as wildlife around the globe for his commercial and editorial clients.

In addition, Doran is a public speaker and educator, giving educational and inspirational presentations at photography events around the country.

Much of his work takes place deep in the backcountry where skills beyond the photographic are called into play. His photography is genuine, and all images are from a single shot. Furthermore, Doran eschews the modern practice of composites or sky swapping. Instead, he relies on getting up early and staying out late to find the light that tells the story. Additionally, his favorite weather to shoot in is a breaking storm where the elements combine for unique and dramatic images.

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© Liam Doran

For his adventures, Doran uses the Think Tank Backlight Elite 45L, Trailscape 18L as well as new FirstLight 46L+ photo backpacks. 

Think Tank Photo

Motivated by climbing and adventure, Doug Murdoch started making gear for himself and friends at the Harness Factory, in Sunland, California. He later worked for Mountain N’ Air Sports, Adventure 16 as well as Lowepro.

Dissatisfied with the pressure to lower costs by reducing features, Murdoch struck out to design products that outperformed the stripped-down offerings from other companies.

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© Liam Doran

In 2004, he asked Mike Sturm to join him in a yet unnamed company focused on designing products for photographers. Sturm was an expert designer, pattern maker and sample maker with the ability to think outside the box.

That same year, Kurt Rogers became friends with Murdoch when they designed the Sideline Shooter belt pack, which became a standard for photojournalists. Then, inspired by the possibility to create innovative products for professional photographers, photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice joined them. Subsequently, Steven Harrison, Brian Erwin, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Mike Sturm, Doug Murdoch, Pam Austin and Kurt Rogers founded Think Tank Photo.