LitraStudio: Portable RGBWW Light for Photo and Video

LitraStudio: Portable RGBWW Light for Photo and Video


San Diego, CA—Litra, a provider of professional adventure lighting, introduced its RGBWW light, LitraStudio. Billed as “the world’s most powerful and portable RGBWW light for photo and video,” it provides creators with more than a million unique colors.

Compact enough to fit in a small camera bag, the fixture produces up to 3,000 Lumen of continuous light. In addition, it offers up to 6,000 Lumen of flash. The full-featured light allows photographers as well as videographers to light their scenes no cords attached.


“We have had a tremendous year of growth and global success with our LitraTorch and LitraPro. Now we are very excited to launch our newest and also most advanced lighting platform,” said Scott Gant, president of Litra.

“Litra set out to build the smallest most powerful RGBWW light fixture available on the market, capable of delivering uncompromised studio quality lighting. The LitraStudio is a new category of professional video and photo lighting; it allows creators to light a scene in traditional studio settings or in any imaginable location and extreme environment.”

Litra Key Features

The device’s microstructure lens delivers a smooth, even light pattern with no center hotspot or harsh edges. The fixture is also flicker free at all shutter angles. Moreover, it features a 97 CRI and TLCI color accuracy, enabling photographers/filmmakers to create with true color.


Furthermore, the complete light, display, mounting and internal battery weigh 33.5 ounces and measure 5.5×3.9×2.9 inches. Noteworthy, the LitraStudio features a range of fully tunable color settings. They include CCT, HSI, RGBWW and gel presets, as well as effects and flash modes that are adjustable in real time. The CCT mode provides 2,000–10,000K adjustable bicolor lighting. Moreover, green and magenta shift control allows for tunable blue and green screen optimization.

In addition, in HSI mode, users have control over hue, saturation and intensity; they can also select color preferences from more than one million combinations. Further, the gel mode provides commonly used gels with simulated daylight or tungsten light sources; the effects mode offers presets for party, police, paparazzi, candle and other common lighting simulations. Finally, the flash mode permits camera flash synchronization, while the DMX control regulates multiple lights and integrates into standard gear via a LitraStudio DMX dongle.

The LitraStudio also is 0–100% dimmable with a 50º beam angle. This enables creators to project a desired hue and saturation. Additionally, the light fixture works with Litra’s custom-built soft box, barn doors and honeycomb grids, as well as other light modifiers to soften and shape the light. LitraStudio-with-Barn-DoorsFurthermore, a built-in OLED display and controls permit users to operate the light manually or connect via Bluetooth to the Litra smartphone app for remote control. The Litra app lets users control single or multiple lights with factory or user-defined presets. No matter the setup, all settings are adjustable while shooting in real time.

Additional Specs

An armor-clad, waterproof body also makes the LitraStudio ready for the inevitable bumps, drops and spills of filmmaking. The 100% aluminum body is waterproof up to 30 feet; drop- and crushproof to MIL-SPEC 810 standards; and also serves as a passive thermal management solution with no moving parts, no noise and no vibration.

Additionally, the light source is rated to last up to 20 hours on the lowest setting. At 2,400 Lumen, its built-in lithium-ion 9,000 mAh battery provides a one-hour run time. Also, when more light is needed, the device has an overdrive mode to boost power to 3,000 Lumen. LitraStudio-on-camera

The unit’s batteries are fast swappable; and users can power them externally while in use if needed. The battery can also act as a stand-alone power bank to charge camera gear. Each light comes with a Type-C adapter for a one-hour recharge time.

Further, the light not only meets the needs of traditional studio lighting but also offers the output required for professional video and TV production. Designed with a range of custom accessories, it works with traditional modifiers and mounts to meet set production needs as well as integrate with video, DSLR and action sports video equipment.

The LitraStudio will ship in October 2019 with a priced under $650.