Accsoon CineEye Air Wireless Video Transmission System

Accsoon CineEye Air Wireless Video Transmission System


White Plains, NY—The Accsoon CineEye Air is a lightweight, wireless video transmission system that allows a 1080p video signal to travel from a camera to two mobile devices.

“The Accsoon CineEye Air takes one of the most exciting camera accessories to hit the market in the past year and makes it even more portable. While decreasing size and weight, Accsoon increased the CineEye Air’s usability and flexibility; it has a new app and added features,” said Michael Bogue, Accsoon brand manager at Mac Group, which distributes the device.

“The CineEye Air embraces the power of your smartphone or tablet to enhance its features; this allows for powerful overlays such as false color or waveform typically only seen on dedicated high end monitors.”

Accsoon CineEye Air

By transmitting a Wi-Fi signal directly to iOS or Android devices, the CineEye Air allows filmmakers to use the devices they already have—their phones or tablets. By combining the high-resolution smart device screen with the strong signal of the CineEye Air, videographers can turn two of their devices into camera monitors. Camera operators, directors, clients or other crew members can see what the camera is capturing in real-time; and from up to 328 feet away.

CineEye Air Features

In addition, the device has an average latency of under 50ms. As a result, it has nearly undetectable lag while maintaining a high-quality image via its wireless signal. It is also resistant to outside interference; it automatically modifies and selects channels that have the least resistance. In addition, the transmitter alters the bit rate and video quality of the outgoing signal; it does so to maximize the connection and frame rate. As a result, the crew can always monitor what is happening. CineEye-Air-LogoFurthermore, by enabling users to use their own power source, the CineEye Air can run however long it’s needed. By plugging in a power source to its USB-C input, camera operators can also choose the best power solution for the shoot.

What’s more it features focus peaking, zebras, false color for exposure, as well as LUT overlay. Subsequently, the device opens up possibilities that are typically seen on higher end monitors. It does so by turning a phone or tablet into a usable monitor.

The portable CineEye Air weighs .25 pound, so mounting it on a gimbal setup or portable camera rig shouldn’t affect operation.

The Accsoon CineEye Air’s retail price is $149.


Founded in 2014, Accsoon Technology Corporation was one of the first companies to apply gyro stabilization technology to high-precision optical products. Over the past few years, it has shifted attention toward products that integrate wireless transmission technology.