Benro TablePod Flex Pocketable Tripod

Benro TablePod Flex Pocketable Tripod


North White Plains, NY—The Benro TablePod Flex is a modular tabletop carbon fiber tripod with a hidden set of flexible legs. As a result, content creators can stand it or wrap it to capture images and video anywhere.

“This is a new and exciting development for Benro. We are trying something different. There are myriad of possibilities with the new flex legs,” commented Brian Hynes, Brand Manager at Benro.

Benro TablePod Flex Key Features

The TablePod Flex is a bendable tripod that’s compatible with Arca-Swiss style gear. Moreover, featuring carbon fiber exterior leg construction, with hidden flexible legs inside, the tabletop tripod transforms to almost any configuration.

Benro TablePod Flex

In addition, the flexible legs are stable on whatever surface or object the tripod is mounted. Users can utilize the ¼”-20 threads to combine the flex legs with the carbon fiber legs to create unique configurations. They can also connect them together for a quick selfie stick or livestream stand.

For photography, content creation, livestreaming as well as virtual meetings, the kit folds to pocket size. Furthermore, it has three individual adjustable leg settings via a press of a side button. Consequently, users can shoot in tight spots or capture low angles.

For creating content with a smartphone or compact mirrorless camera, the TablePod Flex kit includes an Arca-Swiss-compatible plate and an adjustable phone holder with a cold shoe mount.

In addition, there are two built-in 90° notches for switching from landscape to portrait orientations. Two ¼”-20 mounts also permit users to attach additional accessories or connect the flex legs. Plus, rubber feet provide stability on any surface.

Benro TablePod Flex Kit

There’s also a built-in ball head to help content creators level shots. The head also features 360° pan rotation with a built-in pan scale.

Available Accessories

The TablePod Flex kit includes an Arca-Swiss-compatible plate; an adjustable phone holder with a cold shoe mount; three flex legs; a set of three feet; and a case with a carabiner for attaching to a backpack or camera bag. Also included is an auxiliary locking ring that prevents stress on the legs. The Benro TablePod Flex kit retails for $159.95. Benro-TablePod-Flex

What’s more, Benro offers additional legs sections as separate purchases. A set of three TablePod Flex soft legs retails for $14.95. A set of hard legs sells for $59.95.