GoPro Mural Feature Added to GoPro App

GoPro Mural Feature Added to GoPro App


San Mateo, CA—GoPro action cameras owners can find a new feature in the GoPro app called GoPro mural. This new function helps GoPro shooters relive their favorite GoPro moments with a personalized wall of their must-see photos as well as videos.

“We are on a mission to eliminate the infamous blackhole of photo apps on your phones,” the company announced. “And the introduction of mural is our first step in achieving that.

“The simplified app experience makes creating unforgettable edits and reliving the action a top priority. You’ll notice a streamlined content curation experience that allows you to group photos and videos conveniently into events; so everything’s organized and easy to find.

GoPro Mural Features

With the app, users can now make their own “mural.” They can add their best GoPro photos as well as videos to customize the mural. In addition, the app offers easier browsing. There are three stages of viewing content; they are controlled by tapping the view icon to see the full collection at a glance or hone in on specific photos or videos.

GoPro adds mural feature to the GoPro app

What’s more, with the highlight reels feature, GoPro owners can relive events with an automatically generated, shareable edit of their favorite moments. They can also personalize the reel by renaming events and customizing an edit for sharing.

GoPro owners can update the GoPro app on an iOS or Android device here. In addition, all their previously saved photos, videos and edits are still preserved in the app’s media gallery.