GoPro for a Cause Platform to Expand

GoPro for a Cause Platform to Expand


San Mateo, CA—In 2015, GoPro launched GoPro for a Cause as a platform to generate awareness for causes that align with the company’s core values. Moreover, its mission is to inspire social engagement by leveraging GoPro products and global reach to help nonprofit causes tell their stories.

Furthermore, the program has evolved through the years, including how GoPro supports, recognizes and celebrates the causes. “Our commitment to leveraging our expertise to tell uplifting stories that help ALL people live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives remains our North Star,” the company announced.

What’s more, the company is in a place to start growing the program. Moreover, GoPro wants to hear how it can support causes. “Tell us how the mission of your nonprofit organization aligns with our priorities for an opportunity to receive a grant from GoPro for a Cause,” the company announced.

Notably, GoPro for a Cause supports eligible nonprofits with in-kind and cash donations, as well as employee volunteer time. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated monthly.

“We recognize that there are endless opportunities to make a positive impact around the world. So to help guide you, our priority is providing support to organizations with the following missions:

  • Supporting active youth to maximize their passions and potential
  • Building resilience and empowering underserved communities
  • Celebrating those who are championing environmental protection and progression

“Show us how your organization is championing people and celebrating human passion, progress and action,” the company added.

GoPro for a Cause and Stoked Mentoring

In related news, GoPro for a Cause now supports STOKED. GoPro supports the group’s work using board sports to close the opportunity gap and also provide skills to help youth reach their highest potential.

You can view the GoPro for a Cause video made by Kindhumans of the STOKED crew and a day of snowboarding. Stoked-Mentoring-GoPro for a Cause

“At STOKED, our mission is to create a community of fearless leaders through mentoring, opportunity and action. We were founded by entrepreneur Steve Larosiliere and action sports personality Selema Masekela,” said Abha Palmer, STOKE development associate. “Through mentorship and action sports culture, STOKED empowers underserved youth to reach their fullest potential, sharing passion, resilience and determination and inspiring leadership.

“STOKED celebrates individuals that live big lives, take risks and seize opportunities. We are a community of doers, making change and leading the charge throughout our respective industries. Every day is a reason to do better, achieve more and make the next generation stronger. We pragmatically address fear and crush it with courage.”

GoPro joined STOKED LA on a weekend snow mentor day in early 2020, when the mountains were still open. They were able to bring kids out to Snow Summit to hit the slopes and enjoy the mountain. For many of those kids, that was their first opportunity to go snowboarding and experience nature in this way.

“Once they get on the board, you can see them experience the thrill of this new adventure; however, they also learned lessons like resilience, determination, teamwork and perseverance. They take this with them and, with their mentoring relationships, are also able to apply this to other aspects of their daily lives,” GoPro stated.