Alien Skin Unveils Exposure X Creative Photo-Editing App

Alien Skin Unveils Exposure X Creative Photo-Editing App

Exposure CX graphic
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Raleigh, NC—Alien Skin Software’s Exposure X is a digital imaging app to help photographers quickly organize, edit and enhance their photos. It is available for OS X and Windows.

The app is designed to streamline routine tasks and give photographers a set of software tools for developing beautiful photos.

Exposure X imparts a human touch to digital photos through its library of analog looks. Each look encompasses subtle changes that work to inspire a specific emotion. The app covers every corner of photographic history. This includes funky Lo­Fi cameras, classic Kodachrome and modern portrait film. In fact, it goes all the way back to Daguerreotypes and autochromes. Photographers can explore these visual ideas for inspiration and then refine them to develop their own style.

Alien_Skin_Software_LogoAdapting to any workflow, the app can be used as a Photoshop as well as Lightroom plug-in. It can also be used as a photo editor on its own. It is configurable so photographers can move tools exactly where they want them and hide ones they don’t use. Users can browse preset styles with a grid of images to see how they will look on their photos. The app edits nondestructively, so original photos are never touched and changes can always be undone.

“Our engineers have built Exposure X using its predecessor, the award-­winning and popular Exposure 7 software as a starting point,” said Finley Lee, CEO of Alien Skin Software. “I’m pleased to say that Exposure X now sets the new high watermark, helping creative photographers at all skill levels keep up with their ever-expanding postproduction work. Photographers can now spend less time on their computers and more time creating beautiful storytelling images that focus their inner visions for all the world to see.”

Exposure X Pricing

Exposure X is available for $149. Owners of any version of Exposure may upgrade for $99. Free upgrades will also automatically be sent to everyone who purchased Exposure 7.