DxO ViewPoint 3 Gets Major Update

DxO ViewPoint 3 Gets Major Update

Wide-Angle Lens Correction Software Adds New Tools and Effects


San Francisco, CA—DxO announced a major update to DxO ViewPoint software. ViewPoint automatically corrects problems inherent in photographs taken with wide-angle lenses. DxO ViewPoint 3 leverages the company’s image science to automatically correct skewed perspectives and horizons with a single click. The update also introduces a new tool that produces a miniature effect, replicating the look made famous by tilt-shift lenses.

DxO ViewPoint 3

DxO ViewPoint 3 software for Mac and Windows is engineered to fix even the most complex perspective problems. It also restores the natural shape to subjects on the edges of photos.

The software benefits from the automatic corrections provided by DxO optics modules. The modules were developed by laboratory analysis of thousands of camera and lens combinations.

DxO’s perspective correction tools are enhanced with a fully automatic mode said to instantly correct geometric distortion, straighten both horizontal and vertical lines, and automatically crop images. The program effectively eliminates keystoning while preserving the maximum information in the picture. The new auto horizon correction tool is also able to correct skewed landscape and architectural images. A single click detects the most relevant straight lines in the image, which are analyzed to determine the correct horizon.

The software also adds a useful tool designed to simulate the depth-of-field reduction identical to the creative look that previously required the purchase of tilt-shift lenses. To replicate the miniature look, DxO ViewPoint 3 displays the location and intensity of two blur gradients that users can adjust symmetrically or asymmetrically. The application also enables photographers to simulate a precise type of bokeh.

DxO ViewPoint 3 introduces a new tool that produces a miniature effect, replicating the look made famous by tilt-shift lenses.

DxO ViewPoint 3 Licensing

With one license, DxO ViewPoint works as a stand-alone app and as a plug-in for DxO OpticsPro, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It sells for $79. DxO ViewPoint 3 also can be used as a plug-in for DxO OpticsPro starting with version 11.3 (also available).

Photographers who acquired a DxO ViewPoint license on or after September 1, 2016 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 3. dxo.com