Sony PDT-FP1 5G Portable Data Transmitter Officially Released

Sony PDT-FP1 5G Portable Data Transmitter Officially Released

Sony PDT-FP1

San Diego, CA—Sony Electronics is furthering its commitment to live content creators with the official release of the PDT-FP1 portable data transmitter. The previously announced device enables high-speed, stable still image and video transport over 5G networks. In addition, it provides efficiencies for news agencies, photojournalists, corporate and event photographers and broadcast professionals, among others.

Sony PDT-FP1 Details

Highlights of the PDT-FP1 include the ability to capture and transmit content from virtually anywhere; simple operation; optimized battery efficiency; reliable heat dissipation; input interfaces; support for broadcasting high-quality, low-latency video; and real-time, off-site network monitoring during data transfer.

Moreover, leveraging 5G mobile technology, the wireless communication device allows for real-time transfer of photos and videos and seamless livestreaming. Consequently, it represents a boost in process efficiency for event photographers, news agencies, photojournalists as well as broadcast video production.

Sony PDT-FP1

From virtually anywhere, photographers can view and upload media directly from compatible Sony cameras using the PDT-FP1 as a 5G modem to transfer media. Furthermore, the device will deliver content to any file transfer protocol (FTP) destination. Additionally, using Sony Creators’ Cloud for enterprise app brings more secure media transfer through the PDT-FP1 to Sony Cloud services. The services include Ci Media Cloud and C3 Portal’s cloud gateway. Consequently, photographers and videographers no longer need to use wired networks or pass physical memory cards.

What’s more, Sony built the transmitter for use in challenging environments. It features optimized battery efficiency and a high temperature threshold for lengthy sessions.

Further, the PDT-FP1 has already been tested for real-time photo and video transmission by broadcasters and individuals. Award-winning photographer and photojournalist Nick Didlick used it for his worldwide travels, providing input that helped shape its usability. He called the PDT-FP1 “one of the most significant developments in mobile communications in the last decade.” He also noted its agility and cost-effectiveness. Didlick said, “The PDT-FP1 allows me to transmit from where I am shooting rather than having to return to a media center. It worked flawlessly, allowing me to connect and upload images in real-time from various venues.”

The PDT-FP1 is available to purchase for a suggested price of $1,099.99