Zeiss SFL 40 Compact Binoculars: SFL 8×40 & 10×40

Zeiss SFL 40 Compact Binoculars: SFL 8×40 & 10×40


White Plains, NY—The newest member of the Zeiss SF binocular line, the Zeiss SFL 40 (SmartFocus and Lightweight) offers optical performance in a compact, lightweight form factor. Furthermore, the new binoculars come in two models, the Zeiss SFL 8×40 and the Zeiss SFL 10×40.

“Our new Zeiss SFL 40 allows users to experience nature with particular ease by combining the advantages of high-performance binoculars with the compact design of smaller binoculars,” said Léon-Roderic Kunad, head of Category Management Nature Observation at Zeiss.

Zeiss SFl 40 ZEISS_SFL_8x40_Frontal_vertical
Zeiss SFL 8×40

“Especially when on long trips in the great outdoors, all the equipment you need can become a burden and every gram adds up,” Kunad explained. “That’s why our primary goal was to develop binoculars that are not only lightweight and compact but also offer perfect image quality for memorable moments in nature observations.”

Zeiss SFL 40 Key Features

Thanks to a reduced lens diameter; the use of thinner, more closely spaced lens elements; as well as a durable magnesium housing, the Zeiss SFL 40 is a lightweight companion.

Moreover, Zeiss’s new ultrahigh-definition (UHD) concept helps ensure the binoculars deliver a high level of detail. They also reproduce colors with natural fidelity thanks to a special coating and an improved optical design.

Zeiss SFL 40-ZEISS_SFL_10x40_left
Zeiss SFL 10×40

Notably, the high degree of light transmission and the T* multicoating deliver an accurate image, even in twilight conditions. The binoculars also offer a field of view of up to 140 meters at a distance of 1,000 meters. In addition, they have a 5-foot closest focusing distance.

“When observing nature, sometimes a few seconds is the difference between missing or observing a memorable moment. That’s why it’s so important that users can operate the binoculars intuitively and easily,” Kunad added.

Zeiss SFL 8×40

Consequently, Zeiss integrated SmartFocus technology and a well-positioned focusing wheel. As a result, users can focus quickly and precisely, even when wearing gloves. What’s more, for a more comfortable view experience, the binoculars have improved eyecups and a very large exit pupil in relation to their size.

Zeiss SFL 8×40

The Zeiss SFL 8×40 and 10×40 binoculars will reach retail in July 2022. Pricing TBA.