Kodak Debuts Waterproof Cam, 3D Printer

Kodak Debuts Waterproof Cam, 3D Printer


A few firsts from Kodak at CES as the company announced their first ever waterproof digital still camera, the Kodak EasyShare Sport. The compact digicam is waterproof up to 10 feet underwater and is also designed to withstand dirt, dust and sand, the company claims. Priced at $79.95, the EasyShare Sport features 12 megapixels with a 2.4-inch LCD and a number of scene and color modes, as well as Kodak Smart Capture.

Another first – Kodak will be the first consumer inkjet printer manufacturer to launch a “3D photo creation and printing experience, at an affordable price,” as they explained at their CES booth. Kodak ‘s new 3D  printer concept will enable consumers to “easily create 3D photos with no special equipment.”

 The prints we eyed were interesting, though you need the cyan/magenta 3D glasses to get the effect.  To create a 3D photo you take a photo of the subject with any digital camera then shift the camera to the right about 3 inches and take another picture. The software in the printer does the rest as moments later the print is ready for viewing. Kodak is hoping to hang an MSRP of around $100 on this product but no firm price or launch date has been announced. Stay tuned. www.kodak.com